Opinions of MIT MH 750 speaker cable

How do people like the MIT MH 750 Shotgun cables.
They are OK, but you might do more with your money with a pair of Analysis Plus Oval Nines or Harmonic Tech and you won't have a hideously ugly box hanging around. You have to try things out. Don't listen to reviewers, especially those on this site. Trust your own ears and don't get into a situation where your cables become tone controls for a given room.
I would take the MIT 750 Shotguns over the Analysis plus in a heartbeat.I think Analysis plus is probably one of the most overated cables out there.
The shotguns are excellent, smooth, cyrstal clarity and imaging that will be scary on some recordings, I've heard the analysis plus - not in the same league IMO.
Twilo - I own both the Oval 9's and the 770 Series 2 tube Reference which I bought after hearing the 750's. I really feel the Analysis Plus are very good cables. They offer clarity and transparency without any rolloff. There is NO LOSS in the transfer of the signal in my system. I could certainly imagine that in the right system they would be a good match and I do believe they are a great value.

OK now that that point has been made clear let me explain what I DO hear with the MIT's that I don't with the AP’s IN MY SYSTEM. You have heard the talk about pace and rhythm and timing. The MIT give me that (it's in dem dare boxes, to be sure). In addition the sound is relaxed without any loss of the detail presented by the AP. What is going on here? I don't exactly know but when you hear it it is unmistakable and the differences are not subtle. I am not saying any of this to rationalize my decision. Several who have listened to my system hear the same thing. The MIT's draw you into the music in a manner that the AP's don't even approach. Maybe it is a matter of taste or system matching but whatever it is it's real and makes the music more involving.

I say listen to both and make your own decision. DO NOT be influenced by any of the comments made here other than to impress on you the importance of system synergy and tastes which should be the ultimate determining factor in your decision. Things are not black and white in audio. Don’t expect that someone holds the truth. There aren’t necessarily wrong decisions unless you trust someone without listening first. In matters concerning cables more so than most. I will say that given a different system I might just like the AP’s over the MIT’s. I certainly like the looks of the AP over the MIT’s. I HATE the network boxes, I HATE the size of the cables and I would love to find a cable that does what the MIT’s do without them. Now what does that tell you? Best to you in your search. Will
Sorry I don't know how this thread got off topic. Just noticed that Twilo never even asked about AP cables.
I've had a couple versions of Monster Cable & then Audioquest Crystal, before trying out MIT. Now after several very satisfied years with MH750+ I recently upgraded to MH750 Magnum BiWire and am very pleased. System is more detailed, effortless & very natural, esp. vocals.
I compared a pair of MH 750 HE with Hovland Nine-Line in my system (analogue only, ARC SP14, custom-made EL^34 tube amps
and Townshend GlastonburyII's. Hovland dominated in almost every respect, but later on -not in a comparison session- I heard the 770 Twin tubes and now I am not sure I want to spend any money on a speaker cable which is not MIT . There is a lot of compatibility business with the MIT which is a nuiscence but maybe it is the plain truth.
Installed 750 plus cables.  Hallucinated better depth, detail, and imaging.  Calling the mental hospital to commit myself for delusional thoughts.