Opinions of Hafler 9500 or 9505 Amp

Opinions of these Amps
Good to very good amps, built with David Hafler's usual high quality design and value. Not state-of-the-art (never were), but an excellent buy used.
Contrary to the above post, these amps have nothing to do with David Hafler nor previous amps bearing the Hafler name. They were designed by Jim Strickland, who designed the Acoustat speakers and the Acoustat TNT amps. The 9505 is the same power as the Bryston 4B but outweighs it by 7 pounds. I use a 9505 and think it is fantastic and great bargain. Incidently, HCM has new "B" stock units for about $1300, which makes it a great bargain.
I have used a Hafler 9500 to drive Spica TC 60 speakers for over 6 years. The Hafler is a very detailed amp that throughs a huge sound stage. It is neutral and musical, but on the lean side, which has required some careful preamp matching. After going through several highly rated solid state preamps, I have found a great match with the Conrad Johnson PV10a. Overall, I think the Hafler is a very good value.
Elgordo: I stand corrected. I had forgotten that by the time the "Hafler" Transnova series was manufactured, David Hafler had sold his company. I have owned various Hafler products over the years -- the DH220 amp and the DH110 preamp being the last. I did not remember that Jim Strickland designed the amp. In the 1980's I owned a pair of Acoustat 2 speakers, and later an Acoustat 8 (God, what a beast to situate in the listening room). Although I was in error about Hafler's connection with the amp, I have had the chance to listen to Transnova 9505 a number of times -- one of my good friends has one, and we've spent many evenings listening to music with it. I agree that the 9505 is a fine value, although I prefer the Bryston 4B-ST (which I currently own).
Sdcampbell: I'm using the 9505 to drive my Acoustat 2+2s. Haven't tried a 4B but I'd guess it would be great.
Having used both the 9500 and 9505 I feel these at their used price points to be one of the greatest value amps available. Both series work wonders with Magnepans as well.
Though I have stepped "up the ladder", I won't hesitate to recommend these to anyone. My 9500's had the Musical Concepts upgrades and were exceptional.