Opinions of GoldenEar Triton 1

I'm moving to a larger house and want some new speakers.  In spite of the cheesy name the GoldenEar Triton 1 looks like an interesting candidate. It's been a long time since I listened to a ribbon tweeter but I remember liking them.  Will some of you who have experience with these speakers please comment on what you did and did not like about them?  Also, what other choices in that price range stand out as being a "bargain"?  
Thanks for your comments.
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The day we auditioned the 3+ and 2+, we played around with positioning quite a bit. I thought both models were very forgiving of room placement (they  do want to be toed in, but they don't need to be very far from the back wall) and both models had quite a wide sweet spot - an absolute must for us as my spouse and I usually listen to music together.  I HATE narrow sweet spots and would never consider speakers with that limitation.

With the Goldenears fed by a Saturn R, we both found the timbres realistic on acoustic instruments and vocals, much more so than anything else we auditioned in a comparable price range, and they were not at all dull (dealer began our day by pushing Focals and Paradigms BTW). None of the other speakers really passed the "massed strings" test.  My husband is a retired symphony bassoonist and clarinetist, and he is extremely picky about natural sounding music reproduction, as am I, a mere former singer. 

As for dealer comments, I welcome them, as long as they declare their status. Dealers are NOT the enemy - they are a resource. I;ve learned a lot from audio pros over the years, Ultimately, it's my ears that will decide any purchase. 
OK GE Triton 1r reviewers, that speaker is at the top of my current list. I did spot some used Magico V2's for similar money.  Any one have knowledgeable thoughts?  Im at 45wps on British mono blocks made for brit speakers, but might be going to a Naim Uniti Nova at 80wpc  Thanks in advance!  Dealers can comment too, Im not anti a little promotion but I read your first post as from the gut not as promotional
I am in New Jersey for Thanksgiving with family and I want to hear this golden ear speaker before I drive back west in my Mercedes van.  Does anyone know where I can buy speaker in stock if oossible, I don’t like to ship speaker at all.  
I do know there is a dealer on Long Island that sells the GE.
Where in NJ are you going to?