Opinions of Coincident CST interconnect?

Hello, I'm seeking opinions on Coincident CST interconnects. I purchused a pair, but have not had a chance to compare them yet. Are they as good as everyone says?
Hook them up and I will come over and listen to them for you. Just kidding, do a search on the first page of the forums and there is a lot of user feedback on them contained in older threads. They are well received, but everyone agrees that they require a great deal of break in time, so it is going to take a while (300-500+ hours) for you to hear what they can do in your system.
Yes they are!... Compared to the "top considered brands", they are generally better. I have had my entire entire system fitted with them. One of the best kept secrets in affordable interconnects and speaker cables..
A great value and I had to spend considerably more money to better them. Patience will be req'd as they do take alot of time to break in...
I'm using Coincident CST interconnects, and I am very pleased with them, especially given their moderate cost. However, I didn't and don't find them to be a particularly amazing product. On the other hand, the Coincident Reference speaker cables . . .
They need a very long time to do the break-in thing, like 2 or 3 months. I've found interconnects to not make all that much difference in a system due to the low level signal that they are passing. However the CST's DO make a difference. Give these a long time to do their thing. Then one day you will notice that for the past couple weeks the music has been sounding better.
Anyway, that's been my experience.