Opinions of both SoundString Cables VS Van den Hul

Hi Guys,

I'd merely like to ask a question of those of you whom have experience with either the Sound String Cables or those from Van den Hul, as I'm looking to purchase a pair of eithers Speaker Cables along with a Power Cord for my system, yet the problem is I don't any local dealers where I might be able to listen to either.

I've however been able to narrow down my choices to either the Sound String 30 Amp Power Cord along with their Tricormaxial Speaker Cables or the VdH Mains-stream Power Cord along with their Breeze Speaker Cables.

As I'm attempting to get a more Organic Sound from either of these, as I tend to like a sound that isn't overly analytical in the least and would like to have a better sense of overall refinement these days as I've found that what some consider to be detailed sounding cable - with overly emphasized highs and the likes tend to cause a sense of listening fatigue over a period of time, and am looking for something a little bit more balanced and rounder if you will.

If any of you have had the chance to listen to either?, would you please write me directly as a means to share your opinions on either?, as I'm looking to get one or the other within the next two weeks........., if all else fails, I'll check with the Cable Company to see if I can in fact arrange to borrow both sets to see which sounds better in my system, however I'd still appreciate any input that anyone is willing to share.


- Oscar