Opinions Odyssey stratus - Martin Logans

Looking to see if any Odyssey stratus owners are driving Martin Logans or ESL's, and need opinions on sonic presentation.
I use the Odyssey monos to drive a pair of full range SoundLab Auras. The Auras came alive when I got the Odyssey monos. Not only did the sound stage become larger and more detailed, but suddenly the Auras had deeper and stronger bass with the monos. They handle the Auras well and I suspect that they would handle the Logans with out any problem. Just to clarify I started with the stereo version and while it played the Auras okay, they really didn't come to life until I got the monos.
I used to run the Odyssey mono's with Martin Logan Requests.The soundstage was huge and the mono's had plenty of power to drive the ML's. Which Martin Logans will you be using?
have good results with logans aaaascent with stratos stereo.
Can any one tell me if Odyssey Stratus has a website?