Opinions Needed!!

I am building custom subs for one of my systems. What are your opinions about drivers, crossovers, cabinet finishes etc... Is there anyplace on the net that I can go to for more help. Thanks guys.
Meniscus Audio has some interesting sub amps. I'm building speakers myself. Try to ignore the jaded among us, who've been to all the shows, seen it all, done it all. If you listen to them too much, it'll stifle your creativity. I think designing speakers is very fun and rewarding. More improtant than woofer drivers, perhaps, is if you can get a sub amp with continuously variable phase control, and not just a simple phase switch (I don't know if any exists). The "Titanic" driver is supposed to be pretty good. I need to e-mail a friend to see how his project turned out with those. I'll let you know.
thanks carl. looking forward to hearing from you again.
try decware.com and audioc.com these are excellent sites (esp. decware) from guys with a lot of experience with subs. happy building!
When I was doing wha you're about to do, I joined the DIY Loudspeakers list. They get discounts from several suppliers, including Madisound and Avatar. You also get buried in email, but you can unsubscribe after getting the info you need. I'm happy with my Avatars--forget the model name. But you'll have lots of choices and lots of "experts" to advise you, some of whom are doubtless really experts. I can't tell you where on the Web to find the list, but get back to me if a search doesn't turn it up. (Audiogon allows that, doesn't it? I've never tried.)
North Creek has an interesting sub driver. Try http://www.northcreekmusic.com/Drivers.html
Oh yeah, the guy said he had them nearly finished, and that they sounded great, but that he wasn't in the big room yet, and didn't need the bass yet.
The "Titanic" Carl was talking about, you can find complete kit on: www.partsexpress.com