Opinions/experience with Equation 25 or 35 speaker

I had the opportunity to audition the Equation 25 yesterday. As I wait for the opportunity to audition Kharma speakers, I was intrigued by the Equation ceramique drivers so I decided to give them a listen. I was rather impressed with the speaker, but felt for rock/alternative rock that I would want a little more slam. Now I am curious about the bigger Equation 35. Unfortunately, the speakers have not been subject to editorial review, therefore I would love to hear other's opinion regarding these speakers.
What no one has any experience with these speakers ?
I own a pair of equation 25's, and this is one of the most
dynamic speakers around, but if you are looking to play
acid rock or heavy metal this speaker is not for you. I
first time I heard the equation 25 I fell in love with
it's soundstage,mid-range soooothness,high frequenies
extention. The pair I puchased had no literature at all,
but I heard the speaker, so that became unimportant to
me.I have owned about 25 pairs of speakers and the 25's
are a pair that I will keep. My number is 706-562-0709
if you wish to talk to me about the equation 25's or
other types of speaker you mite to listen to. Where did
you listen to a pair of Equation 25 at? Not many people
own this great speaker!

I have recently purchased a pair of equation 35s to go with my l4.2 and i6.2 after listening to many many many speakers (including the 25s)

The 35s after a rather lengthy break in period sound very good indeed. They have a wide and deep soundstage and are incredibly smooth. The 35 does have more oomph than the 25 and can deliver the bass line from Massive Attack Mezzanine or from a Wyclef CD cleanly but they are best at voices and acoustic instruments.

Hope this helps