Opinions, Classe Omega verse Levinson 333 or 336

Anyone compared the the Classe Omega to the Levinson 333 or 336.
The Classe Omega Omicron (slightly smaller version of the Omega) was much more musical in my previous system than the ML336 I auditioned. Both are very powerful amps that can drive most any speaker load. To me the Classe has a more even tonal balance, a richer and more vivid midrange, and a livelier presentation. The ML336's presentaion is on the polite side, and seems to have a grayish cast to everything that's played through it.
The Classe is much better. I've heard Levinson and Classe.
Another vote for the Classe. Heard both and found the levinson a little dry and antiseptic, IMO. Classe was more musical.
Classe by a mile - much more musical on a wide variety of source material than the 336 or even the 33H on the same rig. Let me know if you want any details on setup.
I fifth the above.
I guess that's why they make Fords and Chevys. I've owned both Classe and Mark Levinson and prefer the Mark Levinson. My opinion was not formed after a short audition but over a period of a couple of years. What sometimes, at first appearance, may sound more impressive may actually not be the most accurate. In my opinion, the best comparison is between a good recording and live music - it will open your eyes (ears). Your best bet, Twilo, is to try to get both amps in your home for a couple of days and decide for yourself. After all, what YOU like is what counts.
I too compared both Levinson and Classe and went home with the ML333. I also own a pair of Audio Research Classic 150s. My front end is an Audio Research Ref 2. Recently my local audio club held auditions at different homes. All who listened to both power amp setups preferred the ML333. It's all about the music and quality power amps all have different signatures. Close your eyes enjoy the music and put your preconceived notions and prejudices aside. In reality your decision will probably be made based on the type of music you prefer because in many cases your preference could change as the jazz, classical or rock is auditioned.
Jwin and Jp 60173, were your comparisons with the Omega series or the CA series?
I haven't heard the Classe Omega, but i'v heard the Levinson 333. The Levinson 333 sounded really sweet with rich type sound
Ive heard the levinson 332 333 334 this three did not
sound very musical they sound dry, and grayish, I
heard them with andra's, the ML 100 I heard it connected
with audio research LSS 22,THETA FRONT END,and dragon
sp cable, diamond ic, kef 105, this is one of the musical
system ive ever heard, I guess sometimes its the way
we match them.Thats why in my own experience if we try hard
to find the right combination, we might end putting the
right system. Why this 100 watt sound better than expensive
ML i mention above. I like classe than ML though.
Another vote for Classe' My friend owns the Omega and I own the CA-400 and we both have yet to hear a Mark Levinson amp in over all sound quality to beat these Classe' amps. I still think the best responce you got was the one from 01-14-03, "What you like is what counts"