Opinions - Best Sound at T.H.E. Newport 2013 Show?

So far I haven't seen a lot of commentary posted about last weekend's Newport show. I am interested in what anyone else thought was the best sounding room or most interesting product.

I was not impressed by most of the sound or products at this years show. I know that I'm generalizing, but I found the sound in most rooms to be mediocre at best. The rooms that were using room correction seemed to sound better, for the most part.

In my opinion, the best sound by far was in the EARO room. They had a rather simple setup, using Dirac room correction software. I thought that the sound from the 5" driver "Ulf" speakers was nothing short of amazing. I am seriously considering ordering a pair of these for my living room - if the sound as good as they did at the show I will be a happy camper.

I also enjoyed the sound in the SimpliFi room with the Klangwerk speakers. They were using their own DSPeaker correction hardware device.

Finally, I thought that the dc10Audio Berlin speakers were very interesting. I would like to hear them again, since the setup was less than optimal and the largish room was noisy, but the warm, lush horn sound was very different from the audio pablum produced in most of the other rooms.

Any other opinions?
Quad Man, maybe it was the Q7 and not the lack of "burn-in" and the associated system htat made the Q7 lousy. Why would you assume that a "totally different system" would make them sound great. Maybe the Q7 was making that system sound bad!

When the Q7 is replaced in the lineup everyone will be saying "yeay, it was not that great, had problems with the upper mids and highs, and the bass was heavy and sluggish".

Watch and you'll see.

I think you make a very good point the system used to play the Q7 was totally over-the-top and totally cracking good.
I am not a true believer in the sealed vault loudspeaker in general but I got to believe the Q7 could have sounded better than what it did at last years show.


Recently (very recently) joined and ALL OF YOUR POSTS have been about these speakers/this manufacturer.


The EARO (or Earo) units are not a small computer speakers. They are excellent floor standing active speakers featuring single driver, rear-loaded horns. There are two models: the Eight (8" driver) and the Ulf (5" driver). Seriously good speakers, IMO