Opinions - Best Sound at T.H.E. Newport 2013 Show?

So far I haven't seen a lot of commentary posted about last weekend's Newport show. I am interested in what anyone else thought was the best sounding room or most interesting product.

I was not impressed by most of the sound or products at this years show. I know that I'm generalizing, but I found the sound in most rooms to be mediocre at best. The rooms that were using room correction seemed to sound better, for the most part.

In my opinion, the best sound by far was in the EARO room. They had a rather simple setup, using Dirac room correction software. I thought that the sound from the 5" driver "Ulf" speakers was nothing short of amazing. I am seriously considering ordering a pair of these for my living room - if the sound as good as they did at the show I will be a happy camper.

I also enjoyed the sound in the SimpliFi room with the Klangwerk speakers. They were using their own DSPeaker correction hardware device.

Finally, I thought that the dc10Audio Berlin speakers were very interesting. I would like to hear them again, since the setup was less than optimal and the largish room was noisy, but the warm, lush horn sound was very different from the audio pablum produced in most of the other rooms.

Any other opinions?
MBL and reel to reel combo and dc10audio's Berlin with Lamm monoblocks where my favorite rooms by a mile! I was very disappointed with Vivid's room as they were on my hit list too but the sound was lifeless and even muffled.
I think David (dc10audio) did O.K. considering he had a quacky CD player no DAC, poor room placement, and cheap power strip.. he did have good S.E.T mono blocks from LAMM industries though I would have wanted a little extra power for the size of that big Ayon room.

The LAMM amps with the Berlin's produced nice deep powerful bass which was very impressive considering the amplifiers produce only 18 watts per channel and the Berlin is a stand mount speaker frankly in my opinion the bass was better deeper and more open than the big floor standing Ayon or Gauder speakers sharing the ball room.

Note: the HiDiamond cables were very, very, good!
The room with the UHA tape deck and Gauder Akusitk speakers and Electronics (SS) The UHA RtoR is sure something else. For SS the sound was outstanding.

So was the Ayon's monoblock and Lamm+dc10 on the rear left of the same room

Nola Micro impressed me a lot

Ayon's speakers has some promise.

I also liked the Soundlab speakers. wish it had better front source and amps driving them
UHA RTR decks were the most interesting component I thought...
I visited only Hilton 1st, 2nd, 3rd floors and Atrium 2nd and 3rd floors.
The best sounding (to me) was from Produndo System(Atrium #241) – Viva Audio Aurora & Trenner & Friedl Isis Loudspeakers. The sound was very transparent, musical, no ear hurting, perfectly balanced, deep 3D stage, refined, and real life like images. It was ear opening event! For 2nd place, Janszen speaker (H.#302), WaveTouch Audio (Atrium #214), and Channel Island Audio (H.#306). They had enjoyable music. Dynaudio (Atrium Ballroom) was OK for 3rd place.
Among rests, only few are good for easy listening (not audiophile sound system). Rest many are not even making sound right. They were unbalanced, confused, and veiled with clouds. I felt their pain. Probably, the condition of hotel were too bad such as dirty electricity, room acoustics, or no skill for good sound, etc.
Loudest room was Audio Machina/Einstein audio room (Atrium #213). They were playing country rock or 60th rock very loud for whole time. Those are their best genre for their equipments.

***Does anyone remember Audio Machina/Einstein Audio were very loud at different show or last year?
Other than playing loud, how would you rate the sound quality of the Audio Machina/Einstein? What models were they? Thanks.