Opinions - Best Sound at T.H.E. Newport 2013 Show?

So far I haven't seen a lot of commentary posted about last weekend's Newport show. I am interested in what anyone else thought was the best sounding room or most interesting product.

I was not impressed by most of the sound or products at this years show. I know that I'm generalizing, but I found the sound in most rooms to be mediocre at best. The rooms that were using room correction seemed to sound better, for the most part.

In my opinion, the best sound by far was in the EARO room. They had a rather simple setup, using Dirac room correction software. I thought that the sound from the 5" driver "Ulf" speakers was nothing short of amazing. I am seriously considering ordering a pair of these for my living room - if the sound as good as they did at the show I will be a happy camper.

I also enjoyed the sound in the SimpliFi room with the Klangwerk speakers. They were using their own DSPeaker correction hardware device.

Finally, I thought that the dc10Audio Berlin speakers were very interesting. I would like to hear them again, since the setup was less than optimal and the largish room was noisy, but the warm, lush horn sound was very different from the audio pablum produced in most of the other rooms.

Any other opinions?
I thought the show was crowded and most rooms would not allow a proper listen.

Rooms I liked:

Ayon, dc10audio, Gauder Acoustic (Grand Ball Room Hilton)

I thought the dc10audio Berlin was the most dynamic speaker at the show they played very loud with 18 watt LAMM mono blocks 40K and had some of the best most real tone simply amazing BASS and very, very, pretty. Ayon's big mono set up was very, very good too. The Gauder Acoustik solid state set up sounded both really awful with classic rock and also good with classical cd?

Sony room (Grand Ballroom Hilton)

Not very dynamic but peaceful room, good sound, nice people.

EARO room (3rd floor Hilton?)

Pure sound, nice set up, great people!

Magico (Grand Ballroom Hilton)

I came many miles to hear the Q7 and all I can say is the experience was totally boring and I'm tired of hearing that Magico is the world's best speakers they're not they might be the heaviest but they sound contrived not musical and not dynamic could have been the multi-million dollar set-up


I much prefer RMAF better space better pace but no ocean!
I agree with Bodotes about the DSPeaker correction hardware device. I could hear a big improvement in sound. I just order one.
Thanks Wcheng. It is a pleasure being cited by you as a best of show.

Steve Nugent of Empirical Audio had some really nice things to say as well.



The Magico room was proof of how important system synergy is they basically did it all wrong yet all of the components could sound really good if re-configured I have got to believe the Q-7 is able to produce great sound..otherwise what is the point.
My wife and I spent a day at the show, and hit every room, listening to loudspeakers. The one that hands down blew us away was the NIMBUS loudspeaker in the Vapor Audio room. It threw a mesmerizing presentation, top to bottom, truly magical. These guys at Vapor Audio should be proud of their achievement.