Opinions: BALANCED cables for Aesthetix

Thanks in advance to all respondents. I am seeking advice and reccomendations on balanced cables to use with the following : Aesthetix CALYPSO & RHEA, CARY CAD 500 MB amps, MAGGIE 3.6 speakers. I need the additional gain , and want to keep the noise floor as low as possible , since I have been known to crank up the V from time to time . My primary musical selections would typically be comprised of amplified instruments, no chamber music . Hope this helps >
Cardas Clear. If you can try and borrow it from The Cable Company.
I use Harmonic Tech magic with excellent results.

"I need the additional gain"

Are the jumpers in your Calypso in the high gain setting?
I would also suggest that you look into Silent Source Signature interconnects - great match with your electronics. Enjoy!
I have used Gabriel Gold Revelation ICs with great success between my Calypso and my McIntosh MC275. I also can highly recommend Tara Labs RSC Air ICs, which probably are slightly more forward than Gabriel Gold but not at all fatiguing (and a tad less expensive used.)