Opinions: AR VT100 mkIII and BAT BK75SE amplifiers

I'd like hear opinions on the strengths and weaknesses of these amps. Also, any others I should audition/consider that would fit into the Gon used price range of these 2? Thanks!
Have had both in my gear, the VT-200mk2 as well.
No comparison to the VK-75SE .
the ARC is a bit veiled and rounded off. clarity is not world class.
transparancy, detail, frequency range is much better with the 75SE , and the top end is simply the best thing out there save the big AtmaSphere OTL's.
the Stereo 75Se drives about any speaker too, since it has 2 Ohm taps avail.
you can't go wrong with the 75SE.
my two cents.
2nd Tuboo.

I am using 75SE now and had VT-100 III for a few weeks. A couple friends came by and all agreed with the assesment, 75SE is head and shoulder better in every area except bass quantity (not quality).

You also have the option to bridge 75SE to 150SE in the future. 6C33 is very tough, will not blow and damage your speaker which is a big bonus. ARC VT-100, at least on the older version, will damage your speaker when tube blows.

Draw back is it's difficult to get high quality 6SN7 in quantity.
I owned a pair of VK-60s and I found the 6C33b tubes to be a major problem. When they blew, they took out resistors and coupling capacitors and left the fuses (proper values) unharmed. I do agree with the fact that they were more musical than the VT-200, but I couldn't live with the problems of that many 6SN7s and single source power tubes.
Guess that's one area they improved on the VK-75, fuse blow instead of resistor and/or capacitor. Mine had a bad tube that would blow fuse when push hard, worked like a charm.