Opinions AnthemD2,Halcro SSP100, or Krell HTS7.1 ?

I've narrowed it down to these three units for the home theater room. Any final recommendations from experience with these or other manufacturers that might be better, except Meridian and Lexicon (best ones are out of my price range for a new unit)? Other runner ups that I've heard of are Arcam AV9, Cary Cinema 11, and Rotel RSP-1069 & 1098, but so far from what I've read it seems like the first three units are better. Home theater audio performance is the major concern for me, video scaling a close second, because might just route the DVD player directly to the video projector. And does anyone know which of these units has room correction or not. I've believe the Anthem does. Thanks guys
I think the Anthem is the only one that has room correction of the three.

FWIW Anthem is very good about upgrading their products, on par with Theta and Meridian in that regard.