Opinions and recommendations on active loudspeakers

May need to downsize soon and this seems to be the way to go. Just want to know if anyone thinks this is also the way to go. Also would like some thoughts on which models are worth looking into. Thanks Everyone!!!!!
I listen to a lot of mono LPs and electrical 78s.  Despite 78s  inadequacies in frequency range and flat recording response, their dynamics and tonality often are mesmerizing (along with the performances).  The sound in my almost high end system, washes over me and fills the room.  I'm just wondering if a speaker like a powered bass Von Schweikert VR55K would sound as full and lush as my Legacy Focus speakers.  Once I got to almost high end equipment, cabling and tweaks ($70K worth), sound anomalies don't bother me anymore.  Poorly engineered recordings do sound less involving (although my wife likes her heavy metal and rock LPs/CDs).  I haven't heard a Led Zeppelin LP sound as good as a Steely Dan recording.  I latter group paid enormous attention to the recording technique.  
I would say the Doobie Brothers is the group that had the overall highest standard when it comes to recording technique in the 70’s and 80’s. And why not musicality as well. Just listen to Takin’ it to the streets. Not a hint of distortion or bad EQing or painful compression. Just perfect. On active speakers playing at 105db... :-)
ATC has very revealing Midrange but I think they lack in Bass overall across their speaker range due to how they load the drivers up.

If you are requiring something thats Fatigue Free but has the transparency of Studio but with a more musical presentation (Warm Emotional) I would Highly Recommend the Quested Active Speaker Line with a tube Pre-amplifier. The Bass is tuneful and just right, the highs are smooth and the midrange is almost as revealing as the ATC but tends to be warmer and smoother and more forgiving on lesser recordings, which overall works better especially with Digital Recordings. 

There's several pair of dsp8000's on ag for under $10k and if your listening room is big enough they really are the best i've been able to assemble for the money, compared to quality separates, I mean. As much as I liked the sound of the Ki3's at axpona I was a little disturbed when I put my hand on the top of a speaker and it was vibrating like crazy..It was wrapped in rubber so noise was deadened, but still. 
gosta: Doobie Bros, a Don Landee and Ted Templeman project, they did a lot of cool stuff in the 70s through 80s.  A power house those two!   I do think takin it to the streets while a great song and album but not my sonic favorite of the era.  Good bass playing, but poor low end on that record!   My 70s sonic best would be Dreamboat Annie (Heart), Fleetwood Mac (white album) 1975, Crime of the Century (Supertramp) 1974, and Aja (Steely Dan) 1977, Dark Side of the Moon (Pink Floyd) 1973 and personal favorite Court and Spark (Joni Mitchell) 1974.  All sonically excellent albums with incredible low end, sound incredible on vinyl.  I used all of them for demo back in a hi end hi fi store in the mid to late 70s.