Opinions and recommendations on active loudspeakers

May need to downsize soon and this seems to be the way to go. Just want to know if anyone thinks this is also the way to go. Also would like some thoughts on which models are worth looking into. Thanks Everyone!!!!!
Are you thinking "plate amps" are Class D amps or some design that is somehow different than a "normal" rack mount amp?  The circuit design and parts inside an ATC amp pack are identical to 3 of our stand alone Class A/B power amps, sharing a much larger power supply with active crossovers and three independent output channels (low/mid/high).   SO the only difference between our active "amp packs" and our stand alone 3 way amps (P4) is the chassis.  This is not a full range Ice Power/Hypex module stuck on the back driving a passive crossover (that's a powered speaker).

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Increasingly impressed by my new babies the Quested v3110. Probably end of game for a middle sized monitor with huge spl capacity. They are heavy though so not for bringing around to your friends...
@gosta. Congrats on those Quested V3110s! They are certainly among the first rank of active studio monitors and, by all accounts, altogether the equal of the PSIs that I flog. Between their sound and @ 6½ stone (they're British, after all...) they'll undoubtedly put down roots in you listening room. Did you get the custom stands as well? Horizontal or vertical? And unless you're way into pipe organ music, a sub will be superfluous with those guys.

As you note, "huge spl capacity." That's one of the many virtues common to active monitors. With their tightly integrated amplifier designs, pretty much all of the better actives can crank the spl without compression until one hits their maximum, and essentially without the any danger of over-driving and harming the speaker. (Please don't feed them too much distortion or square waves, however...)

The coherence, transparency and just plain musicality of Questeds and the like can be truly amazing. Undoubtedly, my PSIs put an end to my search for "better."

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ATC SCM 40 active with Isoacoustics Gaia II footers and yes I run them.  I’ve listed my full system here before so won’t now.  ATC is unbelievably solid.
Haha, nothing that fancy yet. Using a pair of trash cans in plastic as stands. Good to know there are custom made stands. Vertical position as I'm using the Questeds for mid-field listening. When I got used to them and integrated them well in my room (have the woofer adjustment on -9 db at the moment - a little much but there is just a big step from -3 db), I will play them against a pair of Unity Boulders mk2. And after that the main systems. Quested have a homogenity in their sound that is very nice. Everything sounds natural, handclaps, the cash register in Money etc.

Always been interested in the PSI monitors but only heard the A-17 model in a shop once. Didn't give me much impression but am sure they are very special. Would be very interesting if you had some words for them, e.g. why did you choose the A-21 model?

And do you happen to have something about the RCF Mytho monitors? Another not very well-known monitor that have some rave reviews. At least very good measurements. Would like to try the 6 model.