Opinions and experiences on the Esoteric UX-3 SE

Looking for feedback on the UX-3 SE as especially compared to the DV-50S. Thanks. Dave
Good point, I want to hear about it too! (
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I agree 100% with Frank. I currently have 2 of each, of the Dv-50, Dv-60 and one UX-3.
A dv-50 is very easy to uncork the performance. Dv-60 same Pioneer drive as dv50, but the dv-60 has half the size of the Dv-50 power supply, and a 1/4 of the size what the Dv-50 uses as the HQ 2 channel output.

UX3 has serious potential, ready to be unleashed, but a major bottle neck I found within the core board prevents this beast to be unleashed. (Fix is almost there)
A big plus for the UX-3 the analog board is very similar to the UX-1, another plus the UX-3 has a New (Neo) drive assembly over the UX-1, with a final plus the UX-3 can upscale the Video, via DVI, while the UX-1 cant.

Dv-60 can upscale the video threw the much wanted HDMI,
While the others lack this feature, with the exception of the PO-1 and PO-3. What get me nuts, it has the ABT top chip that can support HDDVD and Blue Ray, looking at press photos, the Dv-60 was shown sporting the 2 optional ram chips to be used with these features to top it off. Meanwhile they disabled the chip to support these formats! :c(.....My Likes of the Dv-60 internal... Cute little R-core t-former, and despite the smaller power board section, nice to see multi - Inductor/capacitor filtration being used.
Unlike the DV-50, the rest of the video section looks great. But all analog sections are nothing like the more robust section used in the Dv-50...

My wish: Give me a dv-50 with the video section of a Dv-60 (re-worked of course)

In reality: total re-worked Dv-50

Ux-3: A beast, re-worked, but I think at this price point,
I would like to see HDMI.

Looking forward to: The Next new model to be released!

Disclaimer: This is my personal IMO, looked at from the inside and out.

All the Best!
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Isn't it annoying that posting to a thread is the only way to subscribe?

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Actually, I own a DV-50s, and the DV-60 interests me more than the UX-3SE does. The DV-60 has better video chips and HDMI outputs upscaling up to 1080p. The UX-3SE has a better transport though, and would be better suited if using an external DAC. This of course is just IMHO.

Anthony, sonically, how do the DV-50, DV-60, and UX-3 SE differ?
What's the bottleneck on the UX-3 SE and who is developing a fix, Esoteric or a mod company? Tx.
Dv-60 same Pioneer drive as dv50

I heard that the DV-60 drive is now Esoteric based vs. the Pioneer drive of the DV-50. Have I heard wrong?

According to my technical service contact at Esoteric the transport in the DV-60 is indeed made by them; I spoke with them a few hours ago today. The Pioneer info posted here is erroneous.
With all due respect, I am not interested in debating the DV-50S and 60 differences. Can we comment on the UX-3 SE firstly and then compare to the range of products from Esoteric. Thanks kindly for your generous time in posting.
Good point Canucks0 
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I like to post this correction:

The Dv-60 uses Teac's horizontal sled and vertical optical assembly. A plus over the Dv-50. Unlike the Pioneer drive, the control boards are not sandwiched under the drive assembly. They are laid out cleanly, in an uncongested manner. Again, Inductor based ground decoupling is heavily employed, showing a well designed control board. Much more Robust engineered, over the Pioneer dive assembly design. In regards to the Dv-60 power board, despite being a smaller footprint over the Dv-60, as above, inductor based filtration, is used with a well designed power board, over the Dv-50.

Again sorry for the mix-up regarding drive info.

Aberdeencomponents /Mauimods
Is the dv60 better sounding then the dv50s. Getting a little confused. Thanks.