Opinions about sub for this system appreciated

Hi all,

I recently paired the Kef 201/2s with my McIntosh MA-6900 and love the sound, but I am definitely missing the bass and general fullness I had with floorstanders. Now that I have a smaller room (W14XL16XH8), I would like to maximize my audio experience (no HT) with the 201/2s. All suggestions will be gratefully received. Thanks! Chad

I used to own the Kef 201s, had them in small as well as larger room. I used a Velodyne SPL-1200R sub. I was never really satisfied with the integration though, my feeling was that the Velodyne was too slow. I would aim for a 10" sub and my first choice would be the JL Audio Fathom F110.
REL B3 is fairly easy to integrate and would be a good size for your room. I dont care for the new 'R' series.
Thanks for getting me started in a couple of good directions. I had thought about Rel already (opinion about a specific model appreciated), but had not considered JL Audio (definitely on my radar after checking out reviews, though).
Thanks much. Looks like either of those mentioned will be sufficiently powered by the 200W of the MA6900. Are there other considerations I should be looking at?
It's much less about the particular sub than it is about the setup. Based on the measurements from the Soundstage review of your main speakers, I would high-pass them to take the bass load off.

I'm a big fan of the SVS SB12-Plus. It's a small sealed 12" sub with balanced and unbalanced connections, 2nd order high-pass filter builtin and some analog PEQ controls. It makes a nice music sub due to its small size and the price is only $750 (in finishes). So for ~$1500 you could place a pair in your room.

An advantage of many Velodyne subs is their builtin digital PEQ. Unfortunately, their high-pass filter is usually 1st order so that the main speakers still get a fair about of bass frequencies.

NHT makes a very nice bass management controller called the X2.