Opinions about Kharma Speakers

Is anyone familiar with the sound characteristics of this speaker line? I am particularly interested in the Ceramiques.
Haydn, i guess i may not need to tell you what i think about Kharmas. i did hear from Jonathan that you will be joining us on Saturday. i'll have the Exquisites all warmed up.

i'm in Jackson Hole this week and kinda out of touch. i had to drive into town to find the web and no cell phone. my wife says it is good for the soul.
Thank you for the input. My previous speakers were W/P 5.1 and 6.0s. With the favorable press of the W/P 7.0s, it was tempting to go with the safe bet. I knew if the Kharmas had at least a small portion of the sound signature of the Exquisites, they would be special. I worry a little bit about the bass response. I expect coherence and tonal accuracy from the Kharmas.
I agree with the above comments. I have the Ceramique 1.0's and I drive them with a pair of 30 watt Thor amps. These are some of the best speakers that I have ever heard. They are very easy to drive. The bass response is very solid. Most people who listen to my system think I have a subwoofer in the room. I have heard low notes that I have not heard before on many systems. However my room has a suspended wood floor. I have heard these speakers on a concrete floor with carpet and they had a limited bass response. This setup also had the speakers about 7' from the rear wall. Distance to the rear wall also effects the bass response.