Opinions about Coincident's Super Eclipse speaker

Anyone familiar with the performance level of this speaker??(especially bass and soundstaging) Also,how dependent is this model on cable and amp interfacing??
I've owned conquests for a year now and love them. The detail is amazing, efficiency can't be beat and imaging is great. I gave up maggies, thiels and PSBs for them. I can only imagine that the eclipse is that much better.

I will warn you that if you have any deficiencies or problems in your system that it will become worse through these. They hide nothing!

After speaking with Israel Blume several times (coincident's owner), his goal is to make the speakers reveal everything put into them without any coloration. And, all that is done with amps as low as 3 watts. Be careful about which amp you intend to use. 7 watt triodes will blow away most 200 watt mono blocks with these speakers.

I purchased a pair of the new Super Eclipse direct from Israel (no local dealer). It was a fantastic purchase. I listened to speakers for a couple of years before purchasing (even at the Adelphi in Singapore). I was concerned that the high sensitivity and high impedance (wonderful for low wattage tube amps) might be impediments to high volume music (pop rock and full orchestra pieces - Mahler, Bruckner, etc). No worry. Those speakers could make you cry with soft stuff and SET amps, and make you stand up and salute during the Resurrection theme of Mahler's 2nd. The only other speaker that could do that was the Revel Ultima Studios (mind you, not the Ultima Salons), and those (1) required high current and high power, and (2) could not provide the intimate detail and silky smoothness that the Super Eclipse could provide. I give credit to the silk soft dome tweeter. And the bass is hard to believe.

I used solid state and a SET tube amp. Both had their advantages, and the speaker had a tremendous ability to distinguish characteristics between them (my wife liked the SET better, even though it cost only 1/5 the solid state). It convinced me that tubes were the way to go, but since I like to turn it up upon occasion, I would highly recommend a good OTL amp for the extra power. I had to sell my whole system, but if I were to do it again, I would certainly buy a good OTL amp, and never question that I had the best system possible without doubling the cost.

Israel makes a fantastic speaker, answers the phone personally, is a terrific guy, and will help you anytime.

Regarding cables, yes they are also important, but I did not experiment quite as much, so less able to give you an opinion. By the way, you would be surprised how many name reviewers use Coincident, and the Total Eclipse was awarded a Golden Ear for 2001 (the only piece chosen by the particular reviewer!).

Good luck, and let me know if you want to discuss.

Rush Selden
I have Super Conquests.I have heard Super Eclipes on many ocasions.They are a stael
There is a pair of Super Conquests on this site.
They are 800 and dont seem to sell.
Why because of lack of reviews.Many many people on this site have spent 5/10 times that amount and still dont have a speaker in its league.Shame
Hi Sunnyjim, like all high rez speakers the amp and cable are extremely important. I have owned the SE about a year ago. I agree with Emfoods second paragrph. when I owned them I could get them to sound laid back, bright, dark, Heavy, lightweight, hyped, ear bleeding screaming wanting to run for cover. I have tried close to a dozen amps on the SE and TE. And about as many wire combinations. Feel free to email me and tell me what kind of sound you are looking for. Maybe I can be some help. SS will work fine but with this speaker I highly recommend tubes. Especially SETs or OTLs. properly set up and with the right gear they are capable of outstanding soundstaging, dynamics and transprency. The bass will depend on the wire and amp used. Some think that SS will give the best bass performance. I found this not to be true with this speaker. If you decide on the SE be sure to get the latest version. Best of luck.
Sunny- I've had the pleasure of listening to the Super Eclipse and the Total Eclipse at my friend's house with lots of different amps and cable combinations. I had thought him crazy to have replaced the Super with the Total until I heard them. The Total Eclipse is nothing short of amazing. As good as the Super is, the Total really is in a separate class, IMO. Your room size might dictate the Super E's. If so, be sure to go for the latest version as Brulee suggests to obtain a sound closer to the Total E's.
With either, stick with tubes for best results, but they need to be the best SET or OTL types to truly appreciate their ability. Cable choice will depend on the amp and your personal preferences. Coincident TRS, FIM Gold, and Sakura OTA have all performed very well. Good Luck.