Would like to hear opinions about Omega 3i speakers?Would be using vintage NAD 3020 amp.Thank you.
Are you referring to the new (2014) Omega 3i or are you referring to the previous generation of Omega 3i? The current Omega 3 series uses a newly developed speaker and the cabinet has been optimized to be used as a narrow baffle, as opposed to a wide baffle. It would also help, if you could describe what types of music you listen to and how loud you listen.

The newer model.Listen to R&B,Soul and music in the mold of Eagles and Clapton.Will listen to a bit of Jazz now and then.
I've got two sets of Omega speakers (Super 3xrs and Desktop 3) using the new RS5 drivers. Both have similar sounds with the XRS obviously going lower and sounding bigger and a little more natural.

To summarize their sound, I'd say that their strengths are speed, detail, imaging and soundstaging. I think they really sound less like box speakers and more like panel speakers.

For me, the real beauty of the speakers is their ability to be used with low watt single ended tube amps. They really do lose some of their magic when you go to solid state and I have noticed that they sometimes don't seem to sound as good with Class D amps which seem to have too high a damping factor to allow the bass to breathe.

Their weaknesses are low bass extension, hard to handle complex music if you like to blast it and I suppose you could argue...and this is very slight...that they do lose just a tiny bit of sparkle in the highs. You may or may not hear this and even if you do, you won't notice it on most types of music.

I've had quite a few similar priced speakers go through my hands recently including Kef LS50's, Silverline Minuets and Harbeth P3ESR's. In my rooms, I really do prefer the Omegas but depending on how you listen to music and what equipment you use will determine what kind of fit they are for you.

I have a pr of 3xr that have been very troublesome.
Speaker terminals on both became very loose, if fact one stopped working altogether, sent it back to Omega for repair
and same thing after few months.
Can't fix because Cabinet can't be opened, most disappointing purchase I ever made.
Louis is a nice guy but Omegas are a PITA.
So the NAD may not be a good fit for the Omegas?
Hi John:

I owned the legacy 3i for a number of years and now own the 3T. The legacy 3i sounded best with tubes and were just ok with a NAD 320BEE I owned at the time. The new 3 series seems to work just fine with solid state amps. I use the 3T with an Outlaw RR2150 receiver and Magnavox CD630 cd player.

The Omegas shine with vocals and acoustic music. Music sounds genuine and real in the room. They get the details right in a very organic way. I find myself focusing on the music, not on what the speaker is doing right or wrong. To my ears, the new driver and mounting on the narrow baffle has made the biggest improvement over the legacy series.

For the money, the Omegas are hard to beat. Louis Chochos, the owner, is a great guy to work with. Speaking with him might offer some insight in using your NAD with the 3i.
I contacted him just yesterday and he said the NAD would work well with the 3i.
Most things work "well" together. Its all relative. And also largely subjective what tickles ones fancy.

I suspect in most cases, one who enjoys a speaker like these would also tend to like the unique things they might do with the right tube amp as well.

But some who are not tube amp fans might not.

I suspect the NAD would be a solid performer with those and might even be preferred by some, especially over the long term for all kinds of music.

Tube amps tend to play best with acoustic music I find. SS more so with more electronic music forms.

SO these are all things to consider. No right or wrong, or even better, best necessarily.
The 3020 is a bit more laid back I guess you could say than other SS amps would you agree?
Many older (maybe newer as well, not sure) NAD amps have soft clipping feature that makes them clip more like a tube amp than most hard clipping SS amps. That tends to make things less strident and more digestible when clipping occurs compared to some SS amps. You might call that more laid back.

I have an old NAD 7020 receiver I still use as a spare that has that feature I believe.
Seikosha hit the nail on the head.With some of your listening preferences I am not sure you will be happy with them.They are very well built ,sound good ,but you can only get so much out of small drivers.Something to think about.