Opinion sought....

Would appreciate opinions for the following power cord which I have interest in buying
David Elrod's EPS - heard great things so thinking of trying.
NBS Omega 0 - latest model, tried its Statement
before so wondering how the Omega would stack up.
FIM Gold
I have heard the EPS-2 and EPS-3's at a dealer's place, Chambers Audio. The dealer is "jtinn". The cables are awesome. I have not had any experience with the NBS, but they do not seem to hold their value. The FIM Gold is good, but not nearly as dynamic as the Elrod's.
My 2 cents:
NBS Statement - low noise floor and tight mid bass.
FIM Gold - very nice mid (warmth) and palpable soundstage.
Omega & EPS - no encounter.
Hi: I had FIM Gold, its substantially veiled and luck dynamics as compared to EPS 2. IMO, Elrod cords are the best, regardless of price