Opinion regarding Golden Ear Technology Triton 1R

Was looking to update my loudspeaker which is currently the Triton 5 which retails for $2500.00 per pair.
The new Triton 1R came out in approximately December of 2019 and retails for $6000.00. I heard it today at my dealer and liked it very much. Looking to see if anyone else has heard or owned these speakers and their thoughts with regard
to them. If there is another speaker that you can recommend (new only) that is in the same price category I would be
interested in getting your opinion.  
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I own Golden Ear speakers myself and love them.  I have the Triton References, not the 1R and also own Triton Ones.  They both are excellent.  A friend has heard the Triton One R and he said it sounds almost as good as my References.  As I never heard them, I am unable to comment.

Be prepared for fellow audiophiles to tell you how bad sounding and looking GE speakers are.  It always comes up in the conversations.
its got lots of woofers so good if you like plenty of bass and boom for parties. Other than that its just a typical box speaker. 

Have you concluded this after listening to them?