Opinion:PSaudio/Robertson audio pre/amp

Does anyone have an opinion on the following equipment; Looking at a PS audio IV pre-amp and Robertson Audio 4010 power amp. the vendor is asking $ 800 CDN (OBO). Is this decent equipment for the price??
The PS Audio and Robertson were bot good units in their day. However, I am willing to bet that the current retail on both units is significantly less than $800 in the Orion Blue Book (which will also tell you the wholesale price your dealer paid for the units). If you like PS Audio, you should be able to pick up a used 5.5 (a much better pre-amp) for about $300. Also, if you check out some auctions, I'm sure you can find a much better and more recent amp for $500 or less. Needless to say, it doesn't sound like much of a "deal" to me.
Do you want to try Transcendent Sound's Grounded Grid?
(www.transcendentsound.com direct.)

to find today a unit new which sounds as good or better than the 4010 will cost you approx. $4,000. So IMHO, even though the blubook value is probably less than 800, this amp. in good condition is so rare that you should not hesitate and buy it asap (if is is in good condition).

Take care
I have a Robertson 4010 awaiting hookup. Years ago I read Peter Moncrieff's review of it in IAR. He praised it as one of the best sounding amps. I remembered this and when a 4010 appeared on EBay for a reasonable price I bought It! Looks in very good condition! I am wondering how it will sound when connected to my DCM TW1A's? They are presently driven by a Son of Ampzilla/Thoebe preamp. This pairing sounds quite outstanding, so I am a bit reluctant to change it. The 4010 would have a formidable contender in the Son! If I make the change the preamp I would use will be the PS Audio 4 - an excellent sounding unit whose sonic qualities I am familiar with. I will report back if and when I test the 4010.
I never heard the 4010; however, it was highly praised back in the day.  I believe it's bipolar outputs and I prefer mosfets as they are tubier sounding.  $800 seems high for both as there are a bunch of $300 amplifiers here and on Audiomart that are on par with the Robertson if not better sounding.  Currently there's a Hafler 220, Perreaux PMF1150B, Musical Design D75, Apt Holman, and PS Audio Delta 100 from $200-325 that I would also highly consider.  There's also an older PS Audio Model Two on A'gon for $225

As far as the preamp goes, the IVH was the later better model but I would be on the lookout for a 4.6, 5.0, or 5.5 as they were all better than the IV. Years ago, I auditioned the IVH and the 4.6 and almost bought one of them but ended up getting a tube preamp.  For under $400, the Dyna PAS3 is hard to beat - very musical.  

I think you have to be a little wary of reviewers and trust your own ears.  The old Hi Fi Heretic magazine rated the British Fidelity B1 int amp as one of the 10 Best Buys in Audio back in the 80's.  The other contenders were the B&K ST140, Spica TC50s, ProAc Studio 1's and other popular items.  I got the B1 integrated and ran for the hills it was so in your face and annoying sounding.  I also heard it after I sold mine with other speakers and still was not impressed.

Keep us posted on what you get and how you are liking it,