Opinion on Yamaha Amps


What does everyone think about the Yamaha line of integrated amps? I have seen positive reviews for the Yamaha As801 and the even higher end models in the range at least look fantastic. If it helps I am also considering buying a peachtree nova 65se. Right now I have Wharfedale 10.1s and a Rel T5 subwoofer hooked up to a cheap Denon A/V receiver. I am interested in eventually getting the KEF LS50s or something from Zu audio to pair up with whatever integrated I wind up buying.

Thanks for the help!
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The Yamaha MX-1 has been my favorite budget(<$1k) power amp for over a decade. The A-S2000 is an excellent value int. amp, the current 2100/3000 might be better but I have not heard either and there much more costly. FWIW the A-S2000 works very well with the ATC-scm11. The KEF or a ZU monitor will NOT be able to tell you what's on a recording like an ATC loudspeaker!
The Yamaha MX-1 was my first separate amp. It was a great piece & I still regret selling it.  If you can find a nice clean one it would be a good day indeed.  -John
From all I have heard and read, the Yamaha A-S801 is a solid piece of gear. Plenty of thump and built well.  I have the A-S1000 driving a pair of Klipsch RB-75 bookshelf speakers and could not be more pleased with the combination.  

The built-in DAC on the 801 is a nice touch as well as the variable loudness control.  I love the retro look also.

One thing to note, the 801 has an impedance switch on the back, to protect it from lower impedance loads. Something like this is generally thought of as cost saving and a compromise.

Any integrated amp worth its weight will be able to drive down to 4 or even momentary 3 ohm loads without issue. None of the Nad integrated amps need or have such a switch, even their entry level C316BEE is rated for 4 ohm loads.

It might be worth considering the Nad C356BEE for this reason, and the fact that all Nad amps have the superior toriodal transformers, not the laminated core design that Yamaha employs in the 801.  Shop Spearitsound as they occasionally have demo models on sale.
While I do totally agree with the NAD integrated amp suggestion, these A-S*01 Yamahas are really pretty solid performers even with nominal 6 and 8ohms speakers with occasional 4ohm dips.  I know the all analog models(A-S1000, A-S2000, etc.) can handle these impedance dips very well.  

As far as the impedance switch, my understanding is to leave at 8ohms 99% of the time.

The A-s1000 looks to be a big step up in quality over the 801.  Less rated wattage, but 4 ohm rated, which means a beefier power supply.  But for many people I'm sure the 801 would be a worthy contender.  To be honest I've never heard a recent Yamaha integrated, but have owned 3 Nad amps, hence my bias!
I've had an A-S2000 for 2 years. It replaced Pass XP-10/XA30.5. I prefer it, with the same Tannoy Turnberry speakers I was using with the Pass stuff.
I have an A-S 801 and am not sure about it. it seems laidback and a little dry sounding  tried several power cords  My NAD 317 sounds more live with sharper images. I had a Marantz PM 8004 a while ago and wonder how it would compare.  Do not get me wrong the 801 is great just not sure it is good with rock and blues.