Opinion on VPI HW19 MK3 with Sumiko FT3

I have a local seller who likes to sell his 16 years old VPI HW19 MK3 with Smiko FT3 tonearm and Sumiko Blue Point MM at $800.00.
He aaid that he is the original owner of VPI and TT is in very good shape, but bought FT3 as a used. I don't know how much mileage on BP.
I found that VPI HW19 MK3 with AudioQuest PT-6 was sold at $795.00 at Audiogon recently.
VPI HW19 MK3 is usually paired with AudioQuest PT-6 and
the original price os PT-6 is $100 more than FT3.

Do you think Smiko FT3 is a good tonearm and comparable to PT-6?
I hope he can reduce the price to $700.00.
I am not quite crazy about Blue Point.
The Hw-19 MK3 is a great TT. I've had one for a couple of years and really like it. I've also had a Rega P2, Rega P-25, Thorens 165 and a Linn Sondek LP12. I like the VPI much more than those tables.

I'm not familar with the Tonearm, sorry I can't help you there and I've not heard glowing reports of the BP.

But if the TT is in good shape then $800 isn't a terrible price. If you could get it for $700 that would be much better. You might be able to sell the Tonearm and the Cartridge seperately and have enough to buy an RB250 or RB300 to put on the VPI. Those are great tonearms for the MK3. I have a RB300 that's been rewired and has the expressimo stub/counterweight mods on mine.

Good Luck
I owned an HW19 mk3 with a Sumiko FT3 and I achieved excellent sound with that combination. In fact, I later upgraded to a Mk-IV platter and it got even better.

In my opinion, the FT3 is at least as good at the AQ PT-6, if not a little better. $800 is not a bad price, why not ask him to compromise at $750? Good Luck.
The MkIII could have been paired with any arm...Mine has a SME 309. They were bought together in 1990.

The asking price is fair but cheeper is better if you are going to change the cartridge (I would).
Good luck