Opinion on TP16 MK II, TP62 replaceable armwand ?

TP16 MKii comes with many early Thorens models.
Here's a pic I found: http://www.theanalogdept.com/td160mkii.htm

It looked very odd when I first saw it.
I haven't seen any arms like that. The end of the arm looks like it is broken and shaved off. The replaceable arm wand also looks strange.

The arm can be also replaceable, but I wonder with what other arms?

How good is TP16 MK II in general?
Are they comparable to RB3000?
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I have the TP16 on my TD 160 Thorens and find it pretty decent.. I know many Thorens ( vintage ) owners have upgraded to the SME arm and many like it very much..The only problem for me is ,if I am going to have to invest that much more money for another arm I would consider selling the table and re-invest in a better unit..I am also sure there are many other arms ( Rega being one ) that'll work very well also....
I had the TP16 MK II arm on my Thorens T160 MK II table. The low mass of the arm limited my choice of modern cartridges, so I decided to sell the table.

Because of the difference in arm mass between the TP16 MK II and the RB300, they cannot really be compared, IMO.

For more info, read the tonearm database at Cartridgedatabse.com
What kinds of cartridges cannot fit into TP16 MK II arm?

04-08-07: Ihcho
What kinds of cartridges cannot fit into TP16 MK II arm?
Refer to cartridgedatabase.com for all the details.