Opinion on oracle tonearm

I just bought an Oracle tonearm. Please post your experience of this tonearm. I noted that the VTA adjustment similar to VPI and Tri-planar tonearms. When did Oracle came out with this arm? It seems that there was some looseness in the VTA mechanism when the lock nut was loosen for VTA. This looseness in the VTA column can change the VTA after tightening the lock bolt. I wonder if the VPI and Tri-planar exhibit the same problem also. Thanks
You weren't specific as to which 'table and tonearm you're refrerring to; the Alexandria came with a stock arm that was made by Sumiko. This arm was difficult to adjust and a bit flaky.

The Delphi was available with an optional arm from SME, they called it the SME 345. SME built this tonearm using the detachable head shell from the series 3, the Series 4 bearing, and the Series 5 silver litz wiring. This arm is very easy to make adjustments, going by memory Oracle offered this arm about 15 years ago, and they still sell it today. Regards, Jeff
Please view the picture of the gimbal bearing Oracle arm.