opinion on Omega Super 3i speakers

Hi All, I recently got a 300B SET tube amp and the seller recommended that I try tip toeing into the world of high sensitivity speakers with Omegas.  I see online the Omega Super 3i series seems relative easy on the wallet to get into, wondering if anyone has experience with these?  Is 3" cone too small?   Should I save up for the bigger 7" or 8" cone size ones?  I'm used to B&W's bookshelf with 6.5" woofer.  Thanks ahead.
Actually, the Omega Super 3i speakers have a 4.5" driver.

I have owned Omega speakers over the last 15 years ... the Super 3i, the Super 3T, and the Super 7 Monitor Mk2.  

Single driver speakers offer a different listening experience.  Very clear, coherent sound.  No crossover to add distortion or smearing.  Excellent with vocals and acoustic music.

Personally, I would save up the extra $300 for the Super 7.  I find that the larger driver has more power and plays louder than the 4.5 driver.  The 3i is no slouch either.  It plays fast and will keep up with most music that you will throw at it.  I just like the extra oomph that the Super 7 provides.

I have the Super 7 in a 15 X 12 X 8 room (L x W x H).  I use them with a Rega Brio R integrated amp, Unico CD player, and a Technics 1200GR turntable.  At one point, I had the Omegas paired with a Prima Luna PL5 (tube integrated) and it was a wonderful pairing.

The Omega web site has a very active user forum, which you may wish to visit.


I don't know about the Super 3, but just bought the Super 7 Monitors Mk2. I'm breaking in the speakers, so far they played for about 10 hours. 
I'm using them in a small room connected to a little tube amplifier (KingKo Audio KA101, 12W in push-pull using EL84 for power).
These speakers play loud without loosing on detail and clarity. Their sound is a bit to the warm side, I would say - not crisp and analytical. I like the combination with the tube amplifier. 
I guess these are an upgrade on the Super 3 and that's up to your room and wallet which model to choose. 
Love my Super 3i's. I purchased them in the fall of 2016 and have no desire to upgrade, however, if I did upgrade I would go with the Super 3 High Output Monitor (there's a lot to like about that 4.5" driver). I now have them paired with a Decware SE84UFO.
Aside from the electronics, the choice of the single driver design monitors depends completely on the type of the music played through them. In my experience, for anything but jazz, blues, or instrumentals/vocals, I'd look elsewhere, e.g., rock, orchestral classical, etc. 
Kalali, I both have the omega rs8 supercone and the 3i they will almost play any music.My rs8 they are as good as my tekton impact monitor, on vocals omega are hard hard to beat, I play them with Gumby dac, art audio preamp, and art audio concierto tube amps, Teo cabling ic, and Audioquest Sterling speaker cables...transport ah tube CD player... the rs8 are 98 dB...Hifineubee Lois is a very nice guy, and he knows what he is doing....You will need sub for the 3i to really appreciate them.omegas like tubes
Hifineube when I first heard the Alnico at Markr House , I was so impress they are so transparent, Vocals are to die for, For 2 weeks I can’t listen on my systems, So I end up buying the 3i first. A year later I bought the rs8, Mark (Markr) upgrade to High Output Alnico , his system will beat any 50k system,  it has 3D, imaging , vocals, speed, slam, musicality it’s all there....very palpable as well....
You will need sub for the 3i to really appreciate them.omegas like tubes
Which is why I use 2 subs (crossed at 80 Hz). Funny, when I take the subs out of the equation it always surprises me to hear just how much bass those little 4.5" drivers can produce. Could I live with the Super 3i's without the subs? Yes, I think so. There is a lot to like when paired with the right amp. I already had the subs when I purchased the Omega's so I didn't have to think much about the bottom end. Not sure I would have bothered adding a sub or 2 if that wasn't the case. Of course, my nervosa would have likely kicked in at some point and .. 
Wtf I played them without sub too, they are very versatile speakers, I enjoyed them.
To all Omega users-   can  you say that sound is full body or piano
test is no  good >usally to add sub is not help this issue, or the 
punch bass is very weak ?
I have been auditioning various single driver, high efficiency speakers since I decision to return to SET amplification.  I have listened to both the Omega Super 3i (5" driver) and Compact Alnico (6.5" driver) and I will say that they sound quite different.  The larger driver is certainly more impactful and powerful sounding and has a stunning midrange, but it is less articulate when playing complex music.  The RS3 driver is, IMO, much better suited to full range music.  I suspect that the limitations of the larger driver due to added weight and the wizzer cone, which acts as a limiter or brake on the driver.

I have heard the Super 3 HO at someone else's home and would like to hear the Super Alnico HO monitors.  But if I were going to order a new pair now it would probably be the Super 3 HOs.  They work best overall for the wide range of music I listen to.