Opinion on NAD C368 bridged with C268?

Opinion on NAD C368 bridged with C268? Is there better for the price?
By bridging them you are doubling the rated power output (in WPC ) from 80 to 160

Question first please

(1) Why do you think you actually need the step-up in rated WPC? Inefficient speakers or a change in listening venue to a large area ?

Rated WPC by itself is meaningless...it’s the high current rated Amps that provides that necessary “grunt”.... not WPC. That’s why a quality build high current and only 25 WPC CLASS A integrated AMP a la SUGDEN , can outperform many higher rated WPC options in your price range.

(2) Your plan takes a $900 MSRP integrated AMP to a $1700 MSRP Setup.

Without prejudice to the big unknowns to date -
(1) your bespoke Listening arena warts and weaknesses
(2) More-so, a NAD system synergy (or lack thereof) with your speakers

At that pricepoint strata there are many better audio performance options if buying pre-owned. But we need more info first.

I owned a predecessor model NAD 2-channel system (150 WPC NAD C370 integrated amp/ NAD tuner / NAD cdp) as my prior “B” system, so I know NAD’s strengths and warts very well.

All the many alternate choice option amp brands have their own bespoke signature sound presentation....NAD has its own bespoke.... a “ dark” presentation along with a rolled off top-end , as frequently talked about in the audio forums.

Please list the rest of your system and you will get some meaningful options. Right now it is much too vague for anything but a blind and heavily biased fave reply from contributing authors, that has nil assurance that it will actually work well in YOUR system.
Thank you for taking the time to write such an amazing response. I’m new to the audio hobby so don’t know much.

My system atm is a Rotel A14 (which I will be returning as it keeps shutting off) with Venere 2.5. My new house has a much larger great room (3700 cubic feet vs 2000 in the old house) where the system is located.  Maybe I’m just looking to spend money and bored with what I have. My local audio store was trying to talk me into the NAD system instead of the Rotel.

I’m was also thinking of getting some Tekton Impact or Enzo xl speakers instead of the Venere 2.5. 

Any help is always good and appreciated 
I use Decware electronics , with my Tekton setup..
would also recommend looking into Quicksilver amps / Preamp..
Just listened to a Daedalus system.. Didn’t even compare to my setup.. I believe his system needed some tweaking, and it would have a much better soundstage presented..
If the Rotel keeps shutting down it's protection circuitry may have good reason to do so.Check that your speaker cables (or other cables) aren't shorting it out.
As far as Tekton speakers go,I too am a fan.They don't need a lot of power to really sing.They appreciate quality upstream:)
Sonus Faber Venere 2.5 loudspeakers?

IMO you are doing yourself a disservice with NAD. The latter is mid-fi and a quality build Euro integrated will outperform. In simple terms, something in line with the SF pricepoint strata (or better)

at 89db, they are not inefficient requiring a beast to drive them.

(1) IMO, if your budget permits, I would look for an upgrade with a quality build pre-owned integrated amp in the $2500 pre-owned pricepoint ($5000 new pricepoint strata ) to do them justice. PRIMA LUNA is frequently mentioned as a good stablemate.

The available choice options of contenders and pretenders at that pricepoint strata are large .... try to audition some locally. This is a journey to OZ.... not any fast n’ dirty easy destination exercise.

Your current ROTEL at an MSRP of $1300 is better than the NAD. These stepped up build (and price...) new contenders pre-owned will better the ROTEL and slay the NAD ...not even close. The step-up in audio performance will not be subtle.

(2) Budgets matter for sure. Even If an upgrade option is unavailable now,, in any case, first go get the ROTEL properly analyzed and fixed if possible.
- Live with it FIXED for now , and
- upgrade later as funds permit , and then trade-in or sell the ROTEL.
I used single NAD c368 ( compared it before had bought with A12, A14, CX60, CX80, some Yamaha and Onkyo ), Nad sounded best for me.

Then I bought c268 due to lack of power ( speakers are still budged - debut F6, which needs loooots of power ).

with c368/c268 bridged different system, everything is more then ok ( of course in that price level ), now waiting ( few weeks ) for  new speakers - vela 407.

So for me  this combo is worthy thinking about ..its my opinion  You should check it and decide by yourself.