Opinion on Mcintosh preamps C-38,C-40, C-42.

Hi folks,has anyone oportunity heard or owned these preamps-how are they? Whichone is better;I mean sound quality,not features. Thanks!
I owned the C42 for a VERY short time. Unfortunately I was in between systems so I cannot give any opinions on it's performance in detail.

I submitted a question to Mac about a C38 vs. C42, as I had come across a C38 used prior to the C42. The respsponse was: "The C42 is close to the C200. I would recomend the 42 for maximum sound quality.".

I really wish I had a better idea of it's performance to share but I don't. I had no troubles with the unit, but I felt the feel of the buttons and knobs to be a step down (or several steps) from the Levinson I used prior to it.
I've been using the C38 for the last few years (system is listed at http://cgi.audioasylum.com/systems/830.html). It works well (i.e. transparently and easily) with the rest of the system. I expect to keep it until it becomes an all-digital world.
I began replacing my 20 year old system with the C42. I switched my old Holman Apt to the C42 and hooked it up to my old Haffler 220 with standard RCA's. The difference was shocking. Soundstage appeared, noise disappeared. Clarity improved in the highs and the base stopped booming. I can't compare it to the Levinson as I've not spent any time with it. The fit and finish of the McIntosh unit is excellent and there is a sure smoothness to the controls. There are lots of controls. The eight band equalizer is very useful from time to time on certain CD's. I'll upgrade someday to the two box preamp or a tube unit when a new one comes out. Danger!!! Once you have the preamp you're going to buy one of the amps sooner or later! Not to fear. Best bang for the buck in American made gear.
I went from a Levinson 38S to a C42 and it is one component that I never think of changing. It is smooth and has made my system fatigue free. I biamp with it using a Mcintosh 352 and 2102. The built in defeatable eq is nice for recordings with glare and some vinyl playing needs.
I had a C38 for a while and really thought it was a fantastic unit. It sounded wonderful and looked wonderful - one of the best preamps I have ever heard. Not tried to the C42 but will have one eventually. I sold the C38 since I used very few of its features (tape loops and many inputs) and bought a C712 (the c15 replaced this model but is very similar except the C15 doesn't have balanced outputs) which has only what I need and sounds perhaps even more transparent! I am running an old MC2125 which by the way, is fantastic too and I have listened to many hifi setups from all sorts of makers (incl. ML, Proceed, jeff rowland, sunfire, accuphase..) on business trips and I just love the Mc's MUSIC the best. C40 has a million features including monitor amp and have only auditioned it but it was as good as the others in sound. IMO, cannot go wrong with any of the three preamps. I listen with Paradigm Reference 100s (incredible speakers).