Opinion on McIntosh MCD 201 SACD player

Anyone has experience with this new player ? How does measure up to other SACD players around similar price level ?
yes...but...for redbook cd's the mcd205 is still the better unit. given the demise of sacd, i suspect this model will soon be gone.
Hey Jaybo,
Your response is completely without merrit. This is a brand new unit for Mac and they can't make them fast enough because the demand is so high. The mcd 205 is not a better unit. You should get your facts straight before you post. Sacd's are still being produced with over 4000 titles and growing and with the ever growing multi format players arising at reasonable prices it should be here for a while. The mcd 201 is pretty awesome!
3793 SACD titles to date, not including a large number of Asian releases, hardly a demise.
many of the nearly 4000 titles which have been released on sacd have already ceased to be manufactured. the hybrid discs are primarily selling to consumers without sacd, so the music companies do not need to invest the money in the futre. At this year's NARM convention there will be '0' sacd promotion from any of the major labels and most indies. the mcd205 is a better redbook player (it was after all a legendary nakamichi mechanism and design, and still must be regarded as one of the most 'natural sounding' players in service . the mcd201 is as good of an sacd player as anything in its price range. a player which handles several formats obviously has a convenience advantage, and mac, as usual, is late for the party. mac always has a shortage of new models when they are introduced.
Greeni's question is still on the table. How does the Mac 861 universal player sound compared to the MCD 201? Does anyone make a bullet proof cd/sacd player that does not skip,strain and blow up (make sudden burst of white noise) like the Music Hall Maverick?
I was told the "MCD201 is a bit better than the MCD205 on CD. The MCD201 does add a SACD "playback". If you were only running CD's though, the variable output on the 201 would allow direct connection to a power amp, negating the need for any preamp. Based on the extra cost of the MCD201, I decided to keep my MCD205.
Looks like SACD is going to be with us awhile longer :)

I purchased mine 2 weeks ago. With a MC402 and C46.
My only problem with this machine is the motor noise when playing SACD. The whine can be heard 20 feet away. My dealer is contacting them on Monday. From what I have been able to find, I am not the first with this complaint.
By the way I am using B&W 804s right now with Nordost Red Dawn II.
The McIntosh MCD-201 seems to be getting mixed reviews. Some people love it and have actually compared it too the MCD-1000/MDA-1000 combo, while others say as above that it's noisy, takes a long time to read discs etc.. I personally have heard this unit once at Audioclassics with a C-2200 and MC-352, it sounded pretty good but it wasn't jaw dropping. I am wondering why some people use the player with pre-amps? Thats the great thing about the CD player, it can hook in directly to amps. I am still thinking of getting it to put with 501's, my dream amps.
Over on the Mac-forum of audiokharma, you will find quite a bit of info on this player. I am a Mc-fan myself, as far as their amps are concerned, but with the MCD 201, they have already brought out the 4th correction software. I would not touch it if I were you.
I have the MCD/MDA1000, and have done comparisons between these players (MCD201, MVP861). I can say for certain that neither of the 201 or 861 is anywhere near the performance of the MCD/MDA1000 combo. The MCD/MDA1000 are unique and special and it will take best players to beat them.

Having said this I think the MCD201 is a great player for its price. The SACD section a lot less digital sounding than many SACD players on the market costing a lot more.
Yes, it does have a few software upgrades, but McIntosh does not have a reputation of leaving their customers out in the cold.

At least McIntosh addresses some of the issues which are shared by other SACD players, while other companies do not even bother coming out with any upgrades whatsoever.

Try loading an SACD disc on a Sony SACD1, and you can have a coffee and come back, and the thing would still be loading. Or, the pauses between tracks. McIntosh fixes these issues.
Well I finally got another unit manufactured in July. Almost a 7 week wait. Still the same transport noise .
This unit still has a loud spin noise playing SACD (nature of the beast?)but better when playing regular cd. For this price it should be almost silent, in my opinion. The player does reproduce great sound though. I'll probably keep it just because I have the other McIntosh componets. Also, the SACD does sound better than the cd, but it is overrated for the extra cost.
Lbvic, which firmware version is on your MCD201 ?
One would think that Mac would have dealt with all the problems in the MCD201. Perhaps a recall to install autoformers would fix the problem. The buyers agita could be understood in a $50 Tosh, not an expensive unit using buyers as beta testers.
Porziob, funny how you would repost the exact same comment which Ron-C has already answer you over at the AudioKarma forums. Since you are so inclined to repeat your question, I shall repost Ron-C's answer for you once again:

Ron-C...."Porziob, I see you have migrated over from the Asylum. You always have negative comments about McIntosh so we all should expect the same here.
As far as the McIntosh output autoformer it is the best technical solution to make a transistor amp flexible, deliver the lowest possible distortion with the highest signal to noise ratio, run cool and have a long life. The drawbacks are of course size and cost. If you are buying a premium amp why shouldn't you get all the power you pay for regardless of which speaker you chose?

You can of course research this on the AK threads so you don't look so 'clueless' with your silly comments.

The list of speaker manufacturers, and reviewers who have purchased and use autoformer coupled McIntosh amps continues to grow. Since these folks use every type of amp I wonder why they continue to prefer McIntosh?"

There you have it.