Opinion on Mcintosh MC 300, MC 352 Amp

Hi, has anyone heard or owned these amps. How are they.
I've owned both as well as 1000's
352 sound much better than 300
300 is Japanese McIntosh.
352 is the real mckoy. 602 is even better.
But instead of 3000.00 for 352, 3750.00 for MC-500
Douggie in Toronto
Hi Twilo: I too owned a MC-300 for a short period of time. It is aesthetically beautiful & with build quality second to none. Unfortunatly, sonically I found it to be a huge disappointment. I found it to be both thin & very bright sounding (almost like something from Circuit City if you know what I mean)...that bad. The 352 on the other hand is a total redesign with balanced topology throughout. It is on a sonic par with both the 602 & 1000 as Douggie boy alluded to. However, I dont agree with getting the MC-500 over the 352. Even though the MC-500 is more powerful, it does not have the balanced topology design & the 352 is sonically superior. In any event, the 352 walks allover the 300. Hope this helps...sagger.
I currently own the 352 and I agree it is much better than the 300 and pretty much all the amp you need to drive most loads with its versatility , good looks and 350 wpc. Sonically it holds its own with my Levinson 331 and I like listening to it for longer periods than the 331 - has a natural sound to it.

only problem with the bigger mcintosh amps is they weigh too much!!