Opinion on Linn AV 5105

Just bought a used Linn AV 5105 power amp (100W into 8 Ohms). Hasn't arrived yet, just waiting to see how it'll sound in my system. Curious what people's opinions are on this amp?
I owned 2 of these amps. They had a nice ss sound IMO. If you crack them open, you'll wonder why they command a high price. I believe I paid around $400 a piece for mine, which seemed about right for the build and sound.
I paid about $500 for mine and received it on Friday. Having auditioned it for a few days, I really like the sound of it. Injected some much needed power into my system. Works well driving my Triangle Cometes.
I've been using the linn 5105 amps in an aktiv configuration with a pair of linn Tukan monitors. Previously I owned linn klouts in an aktiv set up,
Considering that the klouts were the best linn could make in the 90s at
Twice the price, the 5105 amp held up very well. If you open the cases up
You can see the power supply in the klout outclasses the 5105. Eventually
Linn moved completely away from toroidal power to a switch mode with
Extensive case shielding and more than 4 times the price. In the 90s,
When linn was still playin in home theatre realm with meridian (another
Company who has developed active powered systems). They needed some amps for their 5.1 home theatre systems. So they took the mono boards out of their lk amps and created a stereo version. I like the 5105s,
Excellent power, cool running, power stand by, rear connections for subs.
I sent my boards off to a former linn tech to bench test the boards to spec
And replace the pesky recall cap on the stand by circuit. For $400 used,
Let me know what's a better deal.
Linn's switch mode power supplies were trash in my experience. I forget which model it was but the SMPS died pretty quickly.