Opinion on Jadis Orchestra Refference

Can it drive my Talon Khorus and is it a good match?
Thx in advance....
Bigboy, I own a Jadis Orchestra Reference.

I went to the Talon website, and was unable to find the sensitivity characteristics of the Khorus. However, based on the impedence plot(http://www.talonaudio.com/impedance.htm), I am sure the amp will be able to drive these speakers to VERY loud levels.

My experience with Talon speakers has not been good in the two times I have been around them. I found the sound of the speakers to have enough wrong with them to not be something I would be able to live with. However, if you are happy with them, the Jadis is probably a MUCH better amplifier to employ with them than almost any I can think of.

The reason being the amp's tone controls. You would be able to add a bit of low frequency energy, and back off a bit in the treble.

As far as the Jadis Orchestra Reference goes otherwise, I have nothing but praise to heap upon it. I find the amp virtually without fault. The only potential criticism would be if the need arose to drive a very difficult load. The four output tubes might not be up to the job in that case. But, then again, how many great tube amps have more than 2 output tubes per channel? Of course, Audio Research and VTL people wouldn't agree with me.

I was in the market for a tube amp, not an integrated. I looked at everything. Air Tight, Audio Research, Canary, Cary, Granite, Jolida, Manley, Quicksilver, Rogue, Sonic Frontiers, VAC, VTL, you name it. Of everything I came across, only a few amplifiers made me fall in love. The Jadis Orchestra Reference was one of those three amps. The others were power amps specifically, what I was seaching for. However, factoring in what the Jadis offered over the others, the answer seemed clear. MUCH more power than a 2A3 based amplifier. Ability to use a wide variety(EL34/6CA7/E34L/KT88/6550/KT90) of output tubes(tailor the sound to the owner), unlike the Air Tight amps. Cosmetics to allow me to talk a girlfriend/wife into having in any room. Tone controls, unlike the others. No need to match a preamp/interconnects synergistically to the amp, along with all the money saved. The list was long.

Two years plus into everything, I have had a great time with this amplifier. It has been 100% reliable. The original tubes are still going strong, a testament to Jadis going with the KT90. While I am at it, I can find a something to criticize with the Orchestra Reference, tube biasing. It seems to be one of the most, if not the most, difficult biasing procedures in audio. The side and bottom panels must be removed, two voltmeters are needed, two adjustments are made, and adjusting one throws the other value off. I have not had to bias the amp as of yet, but I am not especially looking forward to it. Certainly, Conrad Johnson or even Jolida best the Jadis in this area. As a matter of fact, most of the other Jadis amps are autobias, something that would be welcome here.

The amp is very well built. Very well built. It has everything that it takes to make a great tube amp great. First, start with a good circuit. Next, the transformers. Transformers are the most expensive and important part of the tube amplifier. Jadis transformers are as good as it gets. Only a few tube amps have transformers like this(Air Tight). Quality of the other parts is also first rate. Can they be improved? Of course, which product cannot? But, Jadis does not skimp, to say the least.

Sound is marvelous. If you are happy with sound along the lines of Rogue, you will be smitten. It is a definite step or two up, even from the Magnum line which I hold in the highest of regard and will probably buy. Warm, liquid, relaxed. But, not as warm as a great many tube amps, it is surprisingly neutral, fast, and detailed. Dynamic, punchy, and with great bass. THAT is a result of the combination of massive transformers, lots of capacitance, and those KT90 tubes. What would I change? My next retubing will probably have me warm up the amp a bit, using JJ KT88 tubes.

All in all, do I recommend the amp? Well... It depends. If I was looking to purchase a new tube amp today, I would probably go with an Air Tight, Cary, Quicksilver, Rogue Magnum, or VAC. They will offer the support and ease of use that Jadis just does not have in the US/Canada right now.

Good luck!