Opinion on Elekit 8300 300b

I am thinking of building this kit. I would like to get into SET's and expand my DIY. Currently have Green Mountain EOS HDx's with Ayre QB9 and Ayre AX7e. The GMA's are only 90dB but a very simple xover and easy to drive.

I tried a MiniWatt Pentode SET with 3.5 watts and it sounded very nice for guitar, voice and violin. The 300b kit has 8 watts and would be sufficient for the kind of listening I intend to do with it. I will def keep my Ayre for R&R, dub step etc.

I have built computers (in the old days) and soldered chips so I know how to solder and know digital well. Just am not so familiar with analog stuff and power.

I am interested in trying lots of mods over time so may be investing money in it.

Questions are:

1. Is it worth the money as a starter kit?
2. Is it an upgradeable platform or does the use of PCB's negate that?
3. Would I be better off using a wired platform from the start?
4. Anyone know about the Elekit kit that has interchangeable 2a3 and 300b? Sounds interesting but maybe the tradesoffs are too great.

I know about Audionote and Bottlehead but these kits really almost double the cost and I would prefer to try different mods and upgrades. Also want to build a set of Single driver speakers soon too.

Thanks for you opinions! Oh, really not trying to stir a debate about tubes vs SS. I like em both really and want both of them in my audio quiver!

Sorry to bump this old thread but I got an e-mail from the tubestore stating good things about this kit. I wonder in this time if any members have any thoughts on this 300B kit good or bad?

Also can 6A3 tubes be used with this kit instead of the 300Bs? Thanks