Opinion on Electraglide Ultra Khan Statement II

I am curious to hear any thoughts/opinions on the Electraglide Ultra Khan Statement II. I am considering using this to run from the wall to my balanced power conditioner (BPT 3.5 signature). Any input would be greatly appreciated.
I think it is by far the best cord on the market. It is big, dynamic, fast, detailed w/o being bright and has the biggest soundstage I've ever heard. It makes most components come alive like no other cord I've ever tried. I've tried most from the Shunyata's, VD's, NBS, FIM's and a host of others including others in the Electraglide camp. I don't know how Scott keeps creating magic in power cords but this one is off the charts.
Thanks for the input. I decided to give it a try... should be here the end of this week, but I am sure the break-in won't happen overnight. Any input as to break-in time?