Opinion on CD Transports

I am in the market for a CD transport in the $500 range to go with my Peachtree Audio Nova 150 which has a good DAC. My list so far includes:

Audiolab 6000 CDT - $500 new
Cambridge Audio CXC -$340 2nd hand with an upgraded power cord ( Audiogon seller)
$338 refurbished
$449 new
Nuprime CDT Pro 8- $550 2nd hand (Audiogon seller)
$800 new
Rega Apollo- $500 2nd hand ( also a CD player, Audiogon seller)

I think they are all good choices, I’m just looking for some input from anyone with hands on experience.

Cambridge Audio CXC -$340 2nd hand with an upgraded power cord ( Audiogon seller)

Highly recommended especially for the money, and lasers are readily available should you ever need one for less than $50

I own one of these and used it while I was waiting for a rare laser to get for my other unit, and I was shocked at just how good this Cambridge CXC sounded.
It’s very low jitter, and I took a scope screenshot of it’s output wave form and showed it to Lampizator and he said, "It doesn’t get any better than this" And tracking is second to none.

Cheers George
Back when I was using my Parasound Halo Integrated amp, I was also using a Cambridge Audio CXC.  My first one skipped so Spearit Audio sent me another one which worked flawlessly.   It is a good sounding transport.  I got mine from Spearit for $399 but they have since gone into retirement.
Thanks for the info. My concern about the CXC is there seems to be a lot issues with them tracking-reliability. 
I have 2 CXC's, one used one a Cambridge refurb, and both work great...I also use a TDSS modified Nuprime CDT-8 and it's even better, though the Cambridge is great for the often below $300 price
Have the Cambridge in my 2nd system, no functional issues whatsoever and sounds good