Opinion on Audio Physics Virgos In small room

I have a very small room dedicated for my music listening. It's 11'x 12'x 8'. So I do mean small. I have Mirage M7si speakers now, with Audio Research electronics. I've just gone from A.R. solidstate to tubes. The equipment now exceeds the speakers capablity. The Mirages have a huge soundstage with good imaging. Now I'm looking for excellent imaging, depth and dimension, and better detail. Reading the reviews, it seems the Virgos are difficult to set up. Would they work in a room this size?
They are not difficult, just they are capable of so much. I've read lot's of stuff on the virgo's in the nearfield. If you can put them way out into the room, I bet they'd sound awesome, especially, with your ARC tubes. What you're are asking for in a speaker is what the virgo's are known for.

Take a look at immediasound.com and see if you can follow the placement suggestions...not exactly sure what page, but it's a small site...
I used Virgos in a room of very similar size. But, my room did open to a stairwell on one side - so it wasn't a closed box. I didn't set them up EXACTLY like AP recommends - with my chair against the wall. But, I did bring them far out into the room, and widely separated, with my listening chair closer to them than they are apart. I got great results. These are speakers that you can use with the front face literally only 5-6 feet from your ears. I think it will work, but you would probably have to have a dedicated room, without much else in it. The Virgos have very articulate bass, but it doesn't really go that low, so it probably will not be boomy in a room of that size, as long as it isn't closed - you can leave the door open, right? I'm not using the Virgos now because my listening room is now my dining/living area, and I just can't set them and the furniture up at the same time!! I've heard them with ARC tubes (VT100), sounded great!!
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They work fine in a small room. One of the best speaker's out there for 10x12 and above. You probably do want to have the room damped with some tapestries on the wall, and perhaps some corner treatment. I have had pretty good luck using strategically placed house plants. I would go with a smaller tube amp as well. You want to keep the bass down a little and enjoy the tube midrange. For your size room I would try an integrated 30-50w tube amp such as the cav-50 or the ca-50 (my first choice). Lot's of good ones out there. This will give you the transparency and 'sweet' nature of a smaller tube amp (which only a smaller tube amp has), and keep your bass and costs down too.

The vt100m2 is an excellent match for the virgo's too - that's what I used, and what joe_stereo has heard. Probably more power than you need. If you go the vt100m2 route, try putting some kt88's in it. Greatly improves the amp. Don't put kt88's in a vt100m3 - arc says no to that.

I would definitely stay away from the 200w solid state crowd for your room.
I would see if I could bring home a set of Sparks first.You'd be amazed at how good they are.A dealer once told me that unless you played them loud frequently the Tempos were not as pleasing as Sparks which deliver the goods at all volume levels.You might get a small fast sub like an REL Strata with the $$ you saved and be happier with smaller point source.If you are buying new from dealer or can find a pair at a reasonable price to buy and flip if it doesen't work out I'd try the baby's first ina room that size.And whatever you do go glass.I idsagree with previous caller in I find CJ's lesser gear to soft.Rogue,VTL,Cary all make good sounding and value priced Integrateds and entry level amps.A rogue with 60wpc would be power to burn in those confines.Forget the SET crap though even if like me you find a 37 wpc $5K Bel Canto.Push Pull Meat and Potatoes amp for me.
I own the Virgo IIs. I agree they're a great speaker, but need to be set up effectively, so the question would be whether you have a lot of other furniture in the room that makes set up difficult. You need to have them at least 1/4 way into the room from the rear wall and the side wall to be effective. If you can do that, then you're all set. Ideally, you could place them half way into the room from the rear wall (center of the room) and one quarter from each side wall, but it's not practical for most rooms unless you have a dedicated room. Both above placement options are discussed at the Inmedia site (US distributor). Cheers,
Thanks for the responses. I'll get some loaners and compare. And, yes the room is dedicated. There's a chair, two speakers and a rug. The equipment is inset in the closet.