opinion on asl hurricane with horns

does any one have experience pairing asl hurricane and horns speakers? Care to elaborate experience
Wow, that's like killing a fly with a nuclear tipped cruise missle.
'cmon, you're kidding, right?
what wrong with that idea
The Hurricanes are 200 watt amps. A horn speaker has over 100db efficiency. The purposes of horn speakers are to either allow higher SPL with low power, or to blast huge SPL into stadium venues. In home audio, it is generally the former reason, and are used to exploit the delicacy and other advantages of low power SET type amplifiers. By using a big brute amp, no matter if it is a very nice one, you are circumventing the advantages that could be had, unless you are planning to blow the roof off the house. With most horn speakers, you can reach ear bleeding SPL with just a few watts, and probably get peak normal listening volumes with just one or two watts. The extra 198 watts are not just "extra watts". They cause sacrifices in delicacy and detail and coherence of the amp, because they have to take certain design steps to provide that level of power. A level which is unnecessary with horn loaded speakers in a home application. While I'm sure that some will disagree with me, as always, there is no way that a push-pull, multi-tubed, high power amplifier is going to compete with a true SET(single output triode per channel) low power amplifier on a high efficiency speaker - like horns. There are alot of technical reasons for this, which I'm not going to write a book about here.

I can see by the above posts that I have some company in this line of thinking. The only exception to this is if you are planning to broadcast your music into the next state. If you want maximum sound quality, coherence, delicacy, transparency, detail, etc, out of your horn speakers, get a very good SET amplifier.
I have already got a set
Oooops... well, although I agree with Twl, don't get smitten by upgraditis just yet; you can enjoy music with the hurricanes too!
You'd have been better off with the Antique Sound Labs 1009 with horns.
Victor Khomenko uses 150SEs on Trios to note...and swears by them, and that they are better than any low powered amp. Big disussion on AA about it right now actually...
"The extra 198 watts are not just "extra watts"."

They're not???? You mean if he's only using 2 the other 198 are being mischievious....not satisfied to just sit there and wait their turns like good little watts?? Like they're out there sticking cherry bombs down the toilet and smoking in the boy's room and shit? Why those little bastards!!!!
It all depends on the horns which you did not mention.
I am currently using 2 pairs of Hurricanes with my Acapella horns to great satisfaction. You can check my thread if you do a search under Acapella .