opinion of totem winds

have all top of the line cj tube equipment live in canada looking at purchasing totem winds any comments
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I listened to these and they sounded very good. They showed excellent imaging and detail without harshness. Tonal balance was also excellent. In my subjective and possibly flawed opinion only, they seemed inferior to the speakers I eventually purchased in terms of soundstage height and midbass punch. Overall, Totem is a great line imo.
The Winds are very nice speakers, but they have a lot of competition in that price range. I have found (and I've heard dealers of Totems agree with me) that the Winds are not enough better than the Totem Forests (which I own and have been very happy with) to justify their higher costs, even considering the natural diminshing marginal returns with audio gear as you go up the price spectrum. I'm considering upgrading my Forests, and I'm probably going to look elsewhere than the Winds. Then again, if someone is offering you a great deal on a used set....