Opinion of OCM 500 Amp

Hi, has anyone heard or owned this Amp. This Amp looks really built.
Hi Twilo: I once "auditioned" this amp in my system. Used with fairly decent front end and Alon IV's and M.L. Sequel II's. The build quality is very good, the overall sound (bear in mind this was a few years ago) was always musical, but lacked the detail of the better IE: more $$ amps. Kind of a overly smooth sound - if you know what I mean. Had that "MOSFET Mist" I've heard others describe. Good bass, decent imaging, but again, a little "dark" sounding. Might be a good match for a overly bright speaker/system though. Hope this helps.
I owned the exact system you describe OCM 500 with Alon IV. I then changed the speakers to Dunlavy Aletha. I have since changed quite a bit. The OCM I had for over 5 years. The amp is good, the AC polarity should be inverted in order for it to sound better. Now a days there are probably better amps, but this is a pretty good one. To take the next step you have to get much better. I now own a Rowland model 10. It is more musical and has a litle more detail. But it took a new front end to realize its potential. In order to apreaciate a better amp I would recomend analog, or a realy nice digital rig. I do not necessarely mean expensive, but good. Hope this helps.