Opinion of Klipsch speakers

I am looking at a set of used Klipsch speakers, they are about 4 to 5 years old. They are RC-25 (center), (2)RF-25 (towers), a 10 sub, and a set of Quintet II of which the center and two other speakers have never been used. Any help will be appreciated.

I am not sure what your question is but I'll give my best imput. The RF-25 and RC-25 are part of Klipsch's Reference III series. The RF-25's have (2)6.5 inch woofers and 1 inch tweeters and the RC-25 has (2)5.25 inch woofers and a 1 inch tweeter. I would classify them as mid level in that line. They are the predecessors to the RF-62 and RC-52. They would make a nice HT setup in a smallish to medium sized room.


The Quinte II's will work as surrounds but definitely not the best choice.

I guess my question is will it all work together? I will be using the 2 of the quintets as the rear speakers. I have a sony 501 as a receiver. I will be getting a new receiver I'm down to either the yamaha 663 or the pioneer 1020k.
I have the RF-25s in my 3rd system and I have matched them with some very good tube electronics. In their price range they are very good. Much better than you might expect. Good on voices and instruments, have good bass and they are enjoyable to listen to. Weak point is imaging, strong point is efficiency.

Thanx, Russ