Opinion of Jeff Roland 5 Amp or 7 monos

Has anyone heard or owned the Jeff Roland model 5 amp, or the Model 7 mono blocks.
I had a model five some time ago, It left an impression on me. The low bass was AWESOME! After a few years the input wires need to be repalaced (they can cause noise)but after serviced my amp was quiet and smooth. hard to beat unless you can aford a new monster from Krell, Levinson, Lamm or Sierra.
The balanced version of the 5 is excellent. A pair of balanced 7's are much better. Best sound, by far, is a pair of balanced 5's, as mono blocks. This is by far one of the best Mono block set ups I have heard or owned. I have owned several model 5's, & 4 pair of 7's. I leave them only to return after the new wears off that new amp I thought was better. The new generation of Jeff Rowland is very good, but has a totally different sound. The older amps sound more like tubes.

Good Listening
I have owned a Model 5 amp since 1992 and I have not strayed since. I agree with the Stealth that the 7's are better but only if you plan on driving a heavy load speaker. I have never tried the 5 in a mono block configuration but I may try it sometime. All in all it is a great amp and I prefer Jeff's older stuff over the new only beacsue of its tube like sound.
I've had the Model 7-III for about 2 years and I agree with Stealth that the new 8/9/10/12 are totally different species in terms of sound. The 7s sound much slower (longer rise time and fall time) thus give them a more tubular sound. I compared them against the Nagra VPA (with Cetrons tubes, not those Chinese junks that came with the units), and the Rowlands sounded more like tubes and the Nagras sounded more like solid-states when it comes to first impression.

Model 7s are basically the bridged Model 5 and should sound similar if the load is not overly extraneous.