Opinion of Coincident power cord's?

Hello all,
I'm looking to upgrade my factory pc's to aftermarket pc's and seeking opinions. My system consist's of: Cary 303/100 cdp -> Coincident cst ic. -> Rogue 66 lsr pre -> Coincident cst ic. -> Odyssey Stratos amp -> AP oval 9 biwired -> Magnepan 1.6qr. Where would I benefit most by upgrading the pc? Thanks in advance for any advice and suggestions.
Hard to believe that you've never upgraded your PC's!!! I would highly recommend the Custom Power Cord line. David Blair is a fanatic about build quality. A small operation where the owner/designer can keep an eye on all aspects of his excellent products. (He's won a few T.A.S. GOLDEN EARS AWARDS.) The order of upgrading that he recommends is: 1) CD player 2) Preamp 3) Amp. give him a call at 847-329-8975. Happy Tunes!
Hi Bradz,

Sorry, I don't know much about Coincident cables. But, in my experience, digital equipment NEEDS to have a clean source of current from a large gauge power cord. I was told, 10 gauge is perfect.

I am currently using a Virtual Dynamics cord with good results. Eventhough it's only 14 gauge, I think.

I've read lots of positive reviews about Coincidents cables. What are your assessments?
I also use Virtual Dynamics, and Viggen, I think the Power 3 you are referring to is much larger than 10 gauge! For the source I am using the Audition with great results.
Stick with the synergy you would get from using Coincident Power Cords.
Your Other option is to use an Asylum PC.They are the best I have used under 500.00
Hey Buck,

I think Power 3 is 14 gauge, Power 2 is 12 and Power 1 is 11. Reference and Signature are 10 gauge. Audition I think is also 11.

Yah, the P3 looks like a 4 gauge, but I think it's the shielding that makes up for the size. It's actually a 14 gauge.
Really? Wow! that's lots of shielding