Opinion of Avalon Speakers or Alternataives

I was looking at the Avalo, Usher and Kharma speakers. I now understand that Ushers are not in the same league as the Kharma. So how about the Avalon speakers? I also am looking at the Alon speakers.

Your comments are very much appreciated.
My experience with Avalons, albeit short, was at an audio show. They were connected to some very high quality equipment, however, they sounded quite dry and boring. Your mileage may vary.
The old Avalon Ascents were among my favorite speakers, very musical and a holographic soundstage. My only complaints about them were they needed more power than my JA80s could give them and, at their then-list price, I would expect deeper bass response than they could give. Haven't heard their latest generation of speakers, but would expect, with the right electronics, they should be at or near the top tier of speakers. If you're looking at Alon, give a listen to their Lotus SE speakers, maybe not in the same sonic league with the others you're talking about but one of the best speakers I've heard from them and very easy to drive.
Have only heard them in audio stores, connected, as expected, with the very best upstream gear, but I felt that the Avalon Eidolon was about the best speaker I ever heard. It gave the music life in a way that no other did.
Which models are you considering?
Hard to make an informed opinion at the shows. Avalon loudspeakers require an extended break-in, upwards of 700 hrs IMO. I would not expect any show to exhibit an Avalon product that is fully broken-in. Also consider the vagaries of the source components (e.g. are they broken-in) and the whole affair can be a real puzzle. Avalons have a sound like no-other and I would suggest that you read Martin Colloms review of the Eidolons in Feb's HFNRR.
After you're done with Avalons try Dyna 3.3. I assume that you've already enough power to drive either one of these.
I heard all of these at CES in January. The Kharma 3.2s were incredible, but they were playing with $130k in associated equipment. The Eidolon Diamonds were very close in sound quality, running off $10k in Ayre equipment (in fact, Michael Fremer mentions that room as one of his favorites in the new Stereophile).

I heard the regular Eidolons and the Opus in other rooms, but they had plasma TVs stuffed between them, and as a consequence had NO depth. The Alon Lotus Elite Signatures were quite good, but not in the same league as the Avaolon Diamonds and Kharams -- but hey, they cost 1/4 to 1/3 as much!
I purchased a complete $60,000 2c3d from Agon over the
last 5 months from MIT cables/power conditioning to Spectral electronics to Avalon Radian speakers for under $16000.00

Holographic, very musical, and once setup properly
very easy to care for and not fussy at all. Wish it was
more transparent like my Acoustats, and the topend is not as
crystal clear either. But over all very satisfied. Would I
do it again; YES!!! Very relaxing system particularly, for my overwhelming interest in chamber music.
Excuse me Shubertmaniac. I have expanded my musical horizons significantly in the last few years. I have not ventured yet into chamber music. Mind telling me the aspect of this type of music that appeals most to you.
With your amp, The VMPS RM/x with flanking Larger SUBs. May as well, you'll end upt their anyhow.

All the best,

How did you find out that USHER are not in same league as Kharma?I found the oposite.