Opinion Needed on Arcam AVR100 vs Denon AVR-3803

Hi, I would like to have your opinion on the Arcam AVR100 vs Denon AVR-3803. Which one is better for movie? Thanks.

I would choose the Arcam.
The Denon is less expensive and is 7.1, the Arcam is 6.1 People may disagree with me here but I have a 7.1 Harmon Kardon and a 6.1 Marantz, so I am running 13.1(just kiddin). I prefer the 7.1 for movies personally even though I've never heard a true 7.1 DVD (not even sure they exist) The Denon will set you back $5-600 and will probably sound fine.
Personally, I like the Arcam.

5.1 is quite enough for me, thanks! Plus, the Arcam "sunds" better.
I have owned Arcam integrateds and heard the AVRs with B&Ws in HT setups and always thought of them being polite-sounding.

The Denon 3803 would probably pack more punch than the Arcam in movies. I would personally take the Denon if I were to choose between the two.
Another dito for the Arcam piece, which I used to sell. It's in another league over the Denon, which I've also owned that piece briefly. Either way with these receivers, you will definitely run the speakers as "small" on these receivers, unless you're running monster Klipsch speakers, or active woofer designs. Otherwise, I'd plan on adding an amp