Opinion: Denon DP-S1, DA-S1, Benchmark DAC1


I’m looking to upgrade my 2-channel system sources. I’m considering Denon DP-S1 CD Transport($8000 list), DA-S1 DAC $7000 list) and Benchmark DAC1 ($975). Both DP-S1 and DA-S1 were first released in 1993.

How does the 12-year old 20-bit DA-S1 compare with the contemporary 24-bit Benchmark DAC1 in terms of sonic performance?

I’m thinking of several permutations in my option:
Option 1: DP-S1 + DAC1
Option 2: DP-S1 + DA-S1
Option 3: Sony NS-755V DVD Player + DAC1

Which option would you recommend?

Rest of my system config:
Sony DVP-NS755V DVD SACD Player
McIntosh C200 Preamp
McIntosh MC501 Monoblocks
Denon 5803 Receiver
B&W N802 Speakers

What is teh Denon receiver for (tuner?)? You can pickup the old CAL DAC's for relatively little money.
Before I got the C200, the Denon was used as preamp for 2 channel. It is now used for SACD and Multichannel applications.

How does this CAl DAC compare with DAC1 or DA-S1?

I'm considering the used Denon gears above as I can get decent prices for them from a friend who lives in another state. Hence, it makes audition an inconvenience...