Opinion Conrad Johnson Solid state Amps

Has anyone heard or owned the Conrad Johnson MF 2300 or the MF 2500 Amp.
I own a MF2500 and I think that it sounds better then the Premier 11a it replaced. Its just as smooth in the midrange and rich and lush except ever slighty cooler. I think Conrad-Johnson makes some of the most satisflying equipment out there. I owned the Premier 14 preamp with the MF2500. I'm selling my MF2500 right now after only 1 month of use because I have a AWESOME deal to buy a Spectral system for 70% off. Spectral is far more detailed but not as musical, I'm going to have to get analog with the Spectral to match the CJ with Digitals smoothness
The Premier 11a is a tube amp and the MF2500 is solid state, so the one did not replace the other. Actually the 11a is newer. Anyway, the MF Solid State Amps are excellent in my opinion. Very musical and realistic. They do a great job with vocals. There is usually at least one for sale on Audiogon.
I see you asked about Motif also. My current system is a Motif Preamp and MF Power Amp
I owned a MF2300. It is a very powerful, load tolerant amp. The sound is smooth and lush without being syrupy. The pace of the amp was effortless, but just a tad slow. Overall, a wonderful amp.
Yes, the Conrad Johnson MF2500 was one of the most satisfying piece of equipments I had the pleasure of owning. The soft and mellow sound just melted my ears. It also tremendous amount of punch when called for.. I had it for about 1 1/2 years, then upgraded to Sonic Frontier Mono 3, because I got a couldn't resist deal. I love the Sonic Frontiers amp. Good luck.
the cj 2500 is great,buy the CJ PREMIER 5 monoblock and your done buying amps for a very longtime, PERIOD.
I have a follow-up question- has anyone directly compared the MF2300 with the MF2500, or the MF2100 with the MF2250?
I have compared a MF2200 to a MF2500 (the 2250 is a slightly beefed up version of the 2200). The 2200 is a very sweet and musical amp, beautiful timbres, mids, wide soundstage, a little soft i.e. slow on transient attacks (mosfet mist?), and with my 4ohm bass drivers, a little weak in the LF, not quite as much punch there as I would have ultimately liked. The 2250 may be better in that regard. The 2500 didn't sound that different but had better bass control. C=J gear has a family sound, even the ss, always musical and on the warm and rich side of neutral - not a criticiam, just the way they sound to me i.e. pretty damn good. My speakers are Alon Vs and require beefy amps with plenty of headroom. I ultimetely ended up with Meitner monoblocks. Which of these C-J amps will sound best in your system may be dependent on the impedence curve and power handling capabilities of your speakers. Good luck